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Re: demoversion: encrypting (General questions)

by MFC, Thursday, October 14, 2010, 21:59 (3349 days ago) @ wodDamir

wow, thanks for your fast reply:

messagetext: this is text to be encrypted
secretkey: my secret word
algorithm: AES

decryption: UrVASSj9kHMr3cNWKMf8OJ7IFMahdAFnOtR/7cGFipw=

I`m using your example code for VC (1. Simple MFC example). If I try to decrypt this code back, I`ll get the original message text. Which seams to be ok.

But in the Getting-STarted-Guide, using the same specifications, you get another decryption result (xHBuQv8ae1vXCVA6/3/YCd5IUjL3lbnbzHDjlWt74fGfcNuS3osQtID1BMhepJI3)

and that is a little bit strange to me... I thought the same secretkey as well as the same message text will produce the same decryption result.

Here is the page where I get your example in VB:

best regards

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