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demoversion: encrypting (wodCrypt)

by MFC, Thursday, October 14, 2010, 21:28 (3340 days ago)


is it also possible to encrypt some data correctly with the demoversion?

I saw your example in the Getting-Started-Guide, but if I use these params (secretkey and textmessage) I didn`t get the same decryption result.

Dim crypt As New wodCryptCom
Dim i_blob As New MemBlob
Dim o_blob As New MemBlob
i_blob.Text = this is text to be encrypted
crypt.Type = AES
crypt.SecretKey = my secret word
crypt.Encrypt i_blob, o_blob
Debug.Print o_blob.ToBase64


I didn`t have any additional characters in the key as well as in the text message. My result will be:


best regards

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