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Re: Semd mail using gmail SMTP server (General questions)

by Johnw, Monday, June 01, 2009, 20:57 (5226 days ago) @ JohnW

Hi John,

Can you please try something like this for sending email using Gmail SMTP server
[code]wodSmtp1.Security = SecurityImplicit
wodSmtp1.Authentication = AuthLogin
wodSmtp1.Login =
wodSmtp1.Password = somepass
wodSmtp1.Hostname =
wodSmtp1.Port = 465

wodSmtp1.SendSimple , , test , testing [/code]
Let us know how it goes.


Hi Drazen,

Before I was placing the properties directly into the wodsmtp1 component in Delphi's object inspector.
I then tried doing it via lines of code - and that worked! Thanks very much for your really prompt reply.



Hi again,

A little more testing and everything works so far, but if I send an email to a non-existent recipient, I get no error message. In my application, recipient addresses are supplied but I have no way to know in advance if they are all correct.
Is there a way of testing for a correct 'To Address'?

Thanks in anticipation,


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