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Re: howto delete an attachment / part (General questions)

by LOGO Datensysteme, Thursday, June 01, 2006, 14:22 (6322 days ago) @ wodSupport


i thought it would end up like this [:wink:]

Obviously i was just too lazy, because a attach
the files when the users select one file at a time.
Then i re-read the .parts... for the filenames
to be added to a dropdown of attached-files.
With this i always have a consistent status of
the actual wanted email to be sent.

If the user hits send it , i just have to
call for .sendmessage and ready-we-go...

I'm gonna change it to a fullpath-to-file in the
dropdown and actually attach it when really sent.

You were right, but mine needs much less code [:happy:]

Thanks for your quick answering.

Want to have the VisualFoxpro Form as a sample for
your SMTP distrib? It's ready-to-use with not much
overhead and can be run directly in the VFP-IDE
without hassle.

Best regards and have a nice one


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