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howto delete an attachment / part (wodSmtp)

by LOGO Datensysteme, Thursday, June 01, 2006, 13:38 (6398 days ago)

just testing on wodSMTP and find it more than useful, but stuck on the following scenario:

- New Message
- attaching 1 file (works great)
- attaching one more file (works great as well)
- rethinking my doing and want to delete first attachment

well.... and now?

I have object.message.part.add , but not a .part.delete
or something else. I cannot reduce the .part.count or something

Is this really a one-way-ticket? Add-and-forget?

I think it's most reasonable to reconsider a message and
want to correct it. As you put it in your help. For mails
which can be sent more often just change the .to and
resend it. But what if i have 'built' a quite complex mail with
several attachments and not all of the adressees shall get
all of my attached files. Do i really have to rebuild the
mail from scratch?

Any great ideas or suggestions on this?
Perhaps i am just missing something very obvious and simple...

Thanks alot
plain simple.

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