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Re: Decrypted TIF Image seems to not be identical. (General questions)

by Alex Loret de Mola, Monday, January 02, 2006, 20:37 (5383 days ago) @ Alex Loret de Mola


can you create new VB project, paste your code inside, show how it fails to work, zip everything, and send to (together with TIF image) so we have exactly the same environment to test with. I'll try it here and see why it fails.

If you use Optimized = true on both sides - it just doesn't make sense to get that message, so I would like to try it out.

Hmm, that's odd... I just made a new test project to show you with, and it's working fine there. I'm confused now as to what may be going on. Hmm... I'll keep looking, it could be something on my end.


Hmm, do the encrypt/decrypt methods return before a large file has completely finished encrypting/decrypting? I noticed the two events (Progress and Done), and so now I'm suspecting that perhaps the culprit is that I am not finished with the encryption process before I grab the file and attempt to decrypt it. In my test mentioned above, I had to manually enter information between encryption and decryption, which might explain why the test worked when my program (that has identical back end code) worked.


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