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New Request to be sent to Localhost server (wodWebServer / wodWebServer.NET)

by Sendil, Wednesday, February 08, 2023, 13:43 (468 days ago) @ wodSupport


Not sure how to help here since what you're asking is so basic to wodWebServer.. Did you try our samples? Did you check the RequestDone event? Did you check what's inside Request and Response objects?

All of those samples are for the purpose you're asking for - demonstration of how wodWebServer works - so that would be the answer to your questions.


Hi Jasmine

Once again thanks for your response.
Our client uses wodWebServer to receive/send a request in one of their applications. We can detect the GET/POST request in the RequestDone Event. But, we are not sure of how they are constructing the request. Generally, they are constructing the request within HTML, somewhat complicated HTML pages.
I do understand it is a basic question. I have gone through the example provided on this website but have not been able to get the desired solution. Request to share the link of the example for the solution I have been looking for or provide one simple example showing how to construct a GET/POST Request and track those requests in the RequestDone Event.

Thanks for all your support.

Thanks and Regards, Sendil

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