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New Request to be sent to Localhost server (wodWebServer / wodWebServer.NET)

by Sendil, Tuesday, January 31, 2023, 07:42 (476 days ago) @ wodSupport


Can you provide more info? What kind of request? What software are you using for it? What is on the server side, wodWebServer or wodWebServer.NET?


Hi Jasmine
Thanks for your quick response.
We are working on Visual Basic 5.0 software.
wodWebServer ActiveX control is on the server side.
It can be either GET/POST request. The request is sent from a subroutine to be identified in the "RequestDone" server-side function.

Let us give the scenario.

I want to send a request from a login function/subroutine to my localhost server.

Sub Login()
<<Here I need to send a GET request to the server>>. I need an example to send the request to the server>>
end sub

Once, the request has been sent, I need to identify/catch the request sent in the RequestDone Server side function (As shown in the below snippet). The variable filename should interpret the request sent from the above login function. The variable filename should reflect something like "login".

Private Sub RequestDone(ByVal Owner As WODWEBSERVERCOMLib.IwodWebServerCom, ByVal User As WODWEBSERVERCOMLib.IWebUser)

filename = User.Request.pagename

End sub

Scenario 2:
We are working on one pen test item "Session Identifier Not Updated Upon Successful Login". We need to generate a new session once a user gets authenticated. In our current application,
when we route the URL let's say
http://localhost:9000" (A new session ID gets created, and the Login screen is shown)
When a user is authenticated after login, the session doesn't get changed but we need to generate a new session as per the pen test requirement.
Request to share an example for this scenario.

Thanks and Regards, Sendil

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