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SignDKIM sample (wodSmtpServer / wodPop3Server / wodImapServer)

by nestorcastro, Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 12:30 (1051 days ago) @ Jasmine

Hi Nestor,

it's your choice which headers you want to include into the signature. Typically, it would be "From:To:Subject:Date" but in theory you can use any you wish. Recipient of the message will use this value to calculate message hash only using those headers (in the order you specified).


Hello Jasmine,

Just to clarify, in my example, I would use:

NewMessage.SignDKIM mvarChavePrivada, "1578940440.mydomain", "From:To:Subject:Date"


NewMessage.SignDKIM mvarChavePrivada, "1578940440.mydomain", ";Message Test:2020-01-11"

Best regards,

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