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SignDKIM sample (wodSmtpServer / wodPop3Server / wodImapServer)

by nestorcastro, Monday, January 13, 2020, 20:43 (1052 days ago)

I'm trying to use SignDKIM Method but I'm not sure about 3th parameter Headers.

When the HeadersReceived events fires, I'm storing the Header into Message Tag like this:

Private Sub SMTPPrivado_HeadersReceived(ByVal User As WODSMTPSERVERCOMLib.ISmtpUser, ByVal Headers As WODSMTPSERVERCOMLib.ISmtpHeaders)
10 User.Message.Tag = Headers.ToString
End Sub

Then, in MailReceived Event, BEFORE relay the message, I'm trying to sign with:

NewMessage.SignDKIM mvarChavePrivada, "1578940440.mydomain", User.Message.Tag

PrivateSMTP.Relays.Add NewMessage

There is no error, but I'm not sure if this procedure is correct.

Can you tell me if this is correct?

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