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Remote Port Forwarding is not working with OpenSSH Server (General questions)

by Kedar Babar, Tuesday, March 03, 2015, 19:04 (3398 days ago) @ Jasmine

Hi Jasmine,
As suggested by you I changed the IP to, but it did not work. Following is the code change

wodSSHTunnel1.Channels.Add(wodSSHTunnelCOMLib.ForwardTypesEnum.RemoteListen, "", 23, "", 8000);

It is actually a S2C rule (Server to Client rule), where the SSH server will start listening on port 8000. When anybody connects to port 8000, it will redirect the data to the system, where the actual wodTunnel Application is running. The wodTunnel application, will then forward the data, to the local host on port 23.

Following analysis were made.
1> We took the putty session of the OpenSSH server.
2> Once the Channel is created, we had verified that OpenSSH starts listening on port 8000.
3> Now we try to execute the following command in the putty session of the OpenSSH server
telnet 8000
4> The above command connects to port 8000, where the data is forwarded, to the wodTunnel application.
5> The wodTunnel application gets the "UserConnecting" event.
6> After the above event it disconnects the connection.
7> The telnet command gets the error message as "Connection Closed by foreign host".

Telnet server is running on the wodTunnel Application system on port 23.

Thanks & Regards,
Kedar B.

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