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wodAppUpdate ActiveX Component and COM object

1.5.7 November 23, 2012
* Fixed wodUpdS2 service which failed to re-start program

1.5.6 November 6, 2012
* Fixed error 1008 on Windows 8

1.5.5 August 14, 2011
* New event ReplaceInConfig allows you to change config "on the fly"
1.5.4 February 13, 2011
* ReplaceRules now can be changed per file basis
* File.Update method to recalculate file's properties

1.5.3 May 20, 2010
* Component now does not force restart if unlocked file is replaced

1.5.2 February 11, 2010
* File object has new UncompressedSize property

1.5.1 January 22, 2010
* Distribution now contains x86 and x64 binaries

1.5.0 November 17, 2009
* Binaries are from now on recompiled in VS 2008

1.4.5 July 10, 2009
* Fixed problem when 'Previous Update was detected' for default
	UpdaterName, even you changed it to something else

1.4.4 June 27, 2009
* Clicking on Cancel button did not return 'method was canceled' error

1.4.3 May 15, 2009
* Fixed possible freeze/hang problem if multiple files were downloaded
	and one of them failed (such as with error 404)

1.4.2 March 23, 2009
* Decompression and MD5 calculation is now performed in separate thread,
	during the download, so CPU utilization is low

1.4.1 February 26, 2009
* Timeout and UpdaterTimeout properties are now added

1.4.0 February 8, 2009
* Configuration file can now be compressed too using UpdSqueze
* New files now inherit permissions of destination folder
* File.Permissions property to set permissions on new file
	after replacement
* New service. Please make sure you replace your old service
	(wodUpdSv.exe) with new one (wodUpdS2.exe) when
	replacing wodAppUp.dll since new wodAppUp.dll knows
	only to speak with new service.

1.3.6 December 27, 2008
* New features and corresponding properties and methods: 
	URLHandler, DebugFile and RestartApp

1.3.5 October 30, 2008
* ReplaceSmart rule now checks ModificationDate when provided even 
	if CreationDate was not provided

1.3.4 September 25, 2008
* Fixes problem when wodAppUpdate reports invalid error if your update
	server is invalid or unreachable

1.3.3 August 15, 2008
* APPDIR variable in configuration file now points to application directory,
	instead of current directory

1.3.2 July 12, 2008
* Added support for environment variables inside CmdAfter 
	and CmdBefore properties

1.3.1 May 12, 2008
* Support for proxy types other than default windows-integrated

1.3.0 April 15, 2008
* Fixed an issue when progress window was frozen during download

1.2.9 March 5, 2008
* No error is reported anymore if DLL library cannot be located during
	update process (such as when you add new DLLs to your application)

1.2.8 February 2, 2008
* ForceRestart property

1.2.7 November 9, 2007
* UpdaterName is now checked upon startup. If there is another 
	application running with same UpdaterName, your methods will fail
	(duplicate UdapterName causes problems between apps, since one
	app can try to update another)

1.2.6 October 4, 2007
* PrevExist property to manually check if previous session files exist
* AutoRestart property to determine if app is started after the update

1.2.5 September 16, 2007
* UTC support through DateFormat configuration file
	directive, and also in UpdSqueze compressor

1.2.4 August 18, 2007
* Support for manual termination of external processes that may be 
	locking same DLLs that you wish to update 
	(through UpdProcess and UpdProcesses objects)
* GlobalTerminate property that is used to automatically terminate other 
	processes the during update

1.2.3 July 21, 2007
* Dates were not correctly set after the update

1.2.2 June 28, 2007
* New [Global] section added 
* CmdBefore and CmdAfter properties added (to start something
	before or after the update)
* CmdLine property added (to define new command line,
	even with different arguments)
* Version check changed - previously 'Product Version' was
	used in comparison, now 'File Version' entry

1.2.1 June 17, 2007
* New properties DialogNoteText and DialogNoteURL, to be shown
	during file download for various messages
1.2.0 June 11, 2007
* Update service now included in wodAppUpdate. Just deploy it and 
	install with wodUpdSv -i and wodAppUpdate will use it
	to replace files on Vista with no UAC prompt

1.1.6 June 4, 2007
* Component failed to detect invalid file download (either
	size or MD5 checksum mismatch)

1.1.5 May 27, 2007
* Cancel method fix - once component was cancelled, it always
	reported 'invalid signature' error
* New download GUI window

1.1.4 May 3, 2007
* if PATH configuration value is specified, now it forces 
	destination directory to be created, recursively

1.1.3 March 26, 2007
* Add ModificationDate and NewModificationDate properties, and 
	option to determine if files are updated based on those
* Fix in Path configuration line which was sometimes ignored

1.1.2 March 18, 2007
* Vista support added - component will elevate to administrator
	privileges (if you specify so) to replace files
* Clear method no longer destroys Files collection (use Reset instead)
* Add new properties: WinVersion, RequireAdmin and UserIsAdmin

1.0.8 February 11, 2007
* Fix in Progress window when progress bar always shown 100 percent

1.0.7 January 27, 2007
* UpdFile object now has two new properties: Register (determines
	if file should be register as COM server) and Compressed
	(replaces current .gz extension handling to determine if
	file is compressed or not)

1.0.6 January 21, 2007
* Fix with compressed files
* StateChange event is now firing correctly
* Updater now tries to kill parent app by all means - including
	TerminateProcess API to kill *ALL* instances of parent app

1.0.5 November 18, 2006
* New properties: DialogText (you are now able to localize visible
	dialog text), MD5, NewMD5
* New method: Clear
* New event: PrevDetected

1.0.4 October 30, 2006
* Add ReplaceRule, Date and NewDate properties. Now wodAppUpdate can 
	use local/remote dates (if specified) to decide if files
	should be replaced or not

1.0.3 October 25, 2006
* Fix - if local file doesn't exist, new file is downloaded at proper
	local filename immediately

1.0.2 October 18, 2006
* Add Login and Password properties for authentication with the
	http/ftp servers

1.0.1 October 4, 2006
* Initial release