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How to implement wodKeys with wodSSHTunnel in Delphi?

This is how wodKeys component should be implemented in wodSSHTunnel using Delphi:

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
key : WODSSHKeyLib_TLB.Keys; 
tkey : TKeys;
        tkey := TKeys.Create(nil);
        tkey.Load ('c:\rsa.txt','');
        tkey.DefaultInterface.QueryInterface(WODSSHKeyLib_TLB.IID_IKeys, key); 

        wodTunnel1.Hostname := 'your_hostname';
        wodTunnel1.Login := 'your_login';
        wodTunnel1.Protocol := SSHAuto;
        wodTunnel1.Port := 22;
        wodTunnel1.Authentication := authPubkey;
        wodTunnel1.PrivateKey := key.PrivateKey[0];  //1 for DSA key
Example shows how to connect to server using your PrivateKey with wodKeys (server needs to have your public key in that case).

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