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Does the sftp control support host key validation?

Yes, our wodSFTP component support host key validation. Try to use Fingerprint under HostFingerprint   

Here is the example: 
Private Sub wodSFTP1_HostFingerprint(ByVal Fingerprint As String, Accept As Boolean)           

              If Fingerprint = "8c:cb:8a:1e:47:af:f3:bd:2b:b5:f9:23:dc:51:eb:21" Then  
                            Accept = True  
                            Debug.Print "accepted"; Fingerprint 
                           Accept = False 
                           Debug.Print "Fingerprint is not accepted"   
               End If

End Sub

I recommend to save Fingerprint of your server for trying to connect later to that server.

 Last updated Thu, Nov 7 2013 11:00pm

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