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How to generate and save private and public key in wodSSH.NET with wodKeyManager.NET component?

Here is example how to generate and save PrivateKey and PublicKey using wodKeyManager.NET component:

        key = New WeOnlyDo.Security.Cryptography.KeyManager
        key.Generate(WeOnlyDo.Security.Cryptography.SSHKeyTypes.RSAKey)  '  you can generate and save with wodKeyManager.NET RSAkey or DSAkey
        key.Save("C:\RSAprivatekey.txt", "weonlydo")  ' weonlydo is password

wodKeyManager.NET component is part of wodSSH.NET component.
PublicKey is part of PrivateKey. If you wish to connect to server with your PrivateKey, server need to have your PublicKey.

 Last updated Fri, Nov 8 2013 12:00am

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