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How to distribute WOD components?

When you develop and distribute an application that uses this component:

1. Choose between COM object (wodFtpDLX.DLL) and the ActiveX control (wodFtpDLX.OCX) to include into the installation package. Both versions are independent on each other.

2. You should include wodCertificate.DLL for Certificate management - if it is needed in your application. wodFtpDLX does not depend on it - only uses it for client authentication with the certificate or private key.

3. Above binaries can be included royalty-free in your application.

4. Use RegSvr32.EXE (or any other installer package creator) to register both the OCX and the DLL. Usually, installer software will do this for you

5. Install the component file(s) into the user\'s Windows SYSTEM32 folder. The component file(s) has/have version information built into it. So, during installation, you should ensure that you are not overwriting a newer version.

Using licensed version

To use retail (licensed) version in your code, put your license key into LicenseKey property, immediately after initializing the component. For ActiveX control, you cannot do this (there is no LicenseKey property) because your license key will be read internally by wodFtpDLX.

NOTE: For all other components you can use this steps.

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