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How to implement WeOnlyDo component in WinDev8?

1) Create a New Project.

2) Create a new Blank Window, call it for example MAIN, which will be the main window of the project.

3) Click on Insert and than on Control and add ActiveX Control. Paste that control to MAIN window.

4) Right click on new created ActiveX Control and go to Description. In Description under ActiveX you can add WeOnlyDo component. We will add for example wodFtpDLX Class in ActiveX menu and give it name dlx1 under Name.

5) After you create ActiveX Control run your project and after you run project please stop project from running. Now wodFtpDLX ActiveX control will be recognized by WinDev.

6)In the initialization code of the MAIN window, use ActiveXEvent function to add Events from wodFtpDLX.

We will add Connected Event from wodFtpDLX:
-----------------------Initialization of MAIN-----------------------

//here is example how you can use wodFtpDLX
dlx1>>login= "your_login"
dlx1>>Password= "your_password"

7) In the Local Procedures window, add New LocalProcedure and call it EvConnected:
You can find parameters for Events (in this case wodFtpDLX Connected Event) using WDXViev - ActiveX Browser. Parameters are under Description in WDXViev - ActiveX Browser. You can also use our help file to find parameters for specific Event.

Here is example for wodFtpDLX Connected Event:
-----------------------Local Procedure EvCONNECTED-----------------------

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