Free components

Beep ActiveX component

wodBeep , version 1.0.0

Source code $439.00

Beep ActiveX implements a a generic application protocol for connection-oriented, asynchronous interactions. It permits simultaneous and independent exchanges within the context of a single application user-identity. It supports compression, SSL/TLS, authentication and more! All through either ready-made or your own profiles!
Free for personal and commercial use.

DHCPServer ActiveX component

wodDHCPServer , version 1.0.7

Source code $279.00

DHCP server component (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). It provides framework for passing configuration information to hosts on TCP/IP network. wodDHCPServer implements protocol specific infrastructure, allowing you to allocate IP addresses from your address pool, and provide it to requesting clients by your rules. Free for personal and commercial use.

ShellMenu component

wodShellMenu , version 1.0.6

Source code $159.00

...small component that installs itself as ContextMenu handler for your explorer, providing VB applications full control over Explorer user-defined menus. With wodShellMenu you can add context menu to any icon you see - to files, folders, My Computer, Network, Computers, Recycle Bin, even on desktop background and folder background. You define which items are shown and when, removing them on the fly depending where user right-clicks. You can even add pictures, too...
Free for personal and commercial use.