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wodShellMenu (Other - free products)

by James Matt, Tuesday, April 20, 2010, 16:14 (4460 days ago)

Been using wodShellMenu for years on XP and below systems.
Is there something special I need to do to get it to work on Vista and Win7 systems? It doesn't show up in the context menu.

Re: wodShellMenu

by woddrazen, Tuesday, April 20, 2010, 16:17 (4460 days ago) @ James Matt

Hi James,

Unfortunately wodShellMenu is a free product and no support is provided for it. We gave it for free download so if it works - it works ;) If you need to improve it, you can purchase source code and try to change it to suit your needs.

I'm sorry - but answering support questions would take us time to try things out, duplicate them see how to fix them etc. - something that we can't afford for a free product.

Hope you understand.