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DHCP - Invalid Request (Other - free products)

by jwhite, Thursday, August 18, 2005, 19:02 (6166 days ago)

I am getting in my log a ton of invalid request messages. eventually after running the dhcp server for some time, people will complain that they aren't on the network.
what can cause this?
The web says Common reasons for this happening are the client trying to confirm a lease after it has moved to a different network, or after the least has in fact already expired
I dont think this is the case.


sample from my log:
[08-03-05 07:40:56 AM] Known Host (DT102) Requested IP ( MAC:00:0d:56:5f:5f:eb
[08-03-05 07:40:56 AM] Request invalid. (DHCP_Request)
[08-03-05 07:40:56 AM] Client:00:0d:56:5f:5f:eb tried to get IP:61
[08-03-05 07:40:56 AM] Request from 00:0d:56:5f:5f:eb denied. (DHCP_Request)
[08-03-05 07:41:01 AM] Known Client:DT102, MAC:00:0d:56:5f:5f:eb (DHCP_Announce)
[08-03-05 07:41:03 AM] Found Dynamic IP address ( for Client:00:0d:56:5f:5f:eb
[08-03-05 07:41:03 AM] Assigned Client:DT102 IP address: (DHCP_Announce)

Re: DHCP - Invalid Request

by wodSupport, Friday, August 19, 2005, 00:42 (6166 days ago) @ jwhite


who generates log and how? What does 'invalid request' mean? Isn't that sent by the client PC?

Do you have some raw logs from such requests?

Re: DHCP - Invalid Request

by jwhite, Friday, August 19, 2005, 17:27 (6165 days ago) @ wodSupport

The log comes from a VP app that I modified from your sample full server demo.

If Trim(UsedBy(ip)) = Session.HardwareAddress Then
AddLog Request invalid. (DHCP_Request)
Session.AdvancedOptions.ErrorMessage = Your request for address & Session.IPAddress & has been denied.