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EAP Async Support (wodFtpDLX / wodFtpDLX.NET)

by Daniel Dority, Wednesday, January 04, 2023, 20:24 (151 days ago)

Any plans to support this FTP package as an Event-base Asynchronous Pattern (EAP)?

shorturl.at/eov04 (goes to MSDN - but the link was too long)

If not, do you have any tips for support multi-threaded environments and matching up the Done event to the correct invocation without having to assign each thread its own client?

EAP Async Support

by wodSupport, Thursday, January 05, 2023, 09:17 (150 days ago) @ Daniel Dority


I assume you refer to wodFtpDLX.NET library? If so, 'sender' argument points to wodFtpDLX.NET instance in each fired event, doesn't that help you?