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Error in line Sftp.Connect (wodSFTP / wodSFTP.NET / wodSFTPdll)

by YUREN OBREGON, Tuesday, September 27, 2016, 19:55 (692 days ago)

Hi. Do you know something about this error? What should be the cause?

Initializing wodSFTP

WeOnlyDo.wodSFTPCom.1 error 'ffff80eb'

You system did not provide string representation of the error.

/sftp.asp, line 28

I´m using the sftp samples

<%@ Language = "VBScript" %>
Dim Sftp
<font face="Verdana" size=1>

If cstr(Request.QueryString("Ready")) = "" Then
This sample shows how to use wodSFTP in blocking environment in ASP.<p>
Since this is probably a demo version, nag screen would be shown for 15 seconds, but you don't see it in

I didn't create instance of wodSFTP yet because of that pause. When you're ready to see how this works,

click <a href="?ready=TRUE">here</a>. Wait 15 seconds after you do so, please.
if Request.Form("connect") = "1" then
Response.Write ("Initializing wodSFTP<BR>")
set Sftp = Server.CreateObject("WeOnlyDo.wodSFTPCom.1")
Sftp.Hostname = Request.Form("Hostname")
Sftp.Login = Request.Form("Login")
Sftp.Password = Request.Form("Password")
Sftp.Blocking = 1
Response.Write ("Connecting...<BR>")
Response.Write ("Getting directory listing...<BR>")
Sftp.ListDir "/"
Response.Write ("All done!<BR><FONT FACE=Courier size=3><PRE>")
Response.Write (Sftp.ListItem)
set Sftp = Nothing
set Sftp = CreateObject("WeOnlyDo.wodSFTPCom.1")
' for no reason, to kill 15sec delay
set Sftp = Nothing
This sample will connect to remote server and will show you list of /tmp directory on the server.</p>

<FORM method="POST" action="?READY=true">
Enter hostname here: <INPUT type=text name=hostname><BR>
Enter your login here: <INPUT type=text name=login><BR>
Enter your password here: <INPUT type=text name=password><BR>
<input type=hidden name=connect value="1">
<input type=submit>
End If
End If


We are using the WeOnlyDo version 3.3.2


Error in line Sftp.Connect

by Jasmine, Tuesday, September 27, 2016, 19:58 (692 days ago) @ YUREN OBREGON

Hi Yuren.

As I already replied on your ticket, please try to get ErrorText property from the component to see actual error.

Also, please make sure you update wodSFTP to latest version, since version you use is from 2008, and many changes were been made that could cause this potential issue to be fixed.

I hope this helps!