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wodXMPP component (DLL) freezes after calling Connect API (wodXMPP)

by Kedar Babar, Tuesday, May 27, 2014, 12:34 (1911 days ago)

We are using wodXMPP in our product as a communication channel. Till now we did not face any issues with the component. But recently, we are facing certain issues, where we cannot debug further. When our executable calls the Connect API/function of the wodXMPP component, it just freezes.

Following things were tried to debug the issue.
1> We had provide a time out of 1 minute, but still there is no response after one minute.
2> We checked the anti-virus and firewall settings for exclusion, but it did not work.
3> We further used the telnet command to connect to our XMPP server and it got successfully connected.
4> We also tried to replace with the new wodXMPP component, but still the issue persists.

Thanks & Regards,
Kedar B.

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