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Re: Exception :: Timeout occurred due to i (General questions)

by digimenet, Wednesday, July 25, 2012, 22:13 (2187 days ago) @ wodDamir

A couple questions:

1: the method WaitFor() returns a value which is (other than that it is a string)? Is is it data that maybe sitting in the queue that I need to collect before setting the DataReady property?
ssh.WaitFor( admin: , 10);

2. the DataReady property, setting it to 0 does what? clear out old data?
ssh.DataReady = 0;

3. though this is the typical method i use, calling it after WaitFor() is a bit confusing. Also, is 10 for 10 seconds, i assume?
ssh.Execute( call state
, admin: , 10);

PS - this is Jairo Martinez, now with a user name....

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