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Re: Files locked after encryption, until objects d (General questions)

by DanCooperstock, Thursday, January 12, 2012, 16:45 (2894 days ago) @ DanCooperstock

Immediately after calling iole_crypt.Encrypt(infileBlob, outfileBlob), I try opening both files with read/write locking, and I cannot do that for either one.

I found a work-around. If immediately after the Encrypt() call, I do:

iole_infile.FileName =
iole_outfile.FileName =

the files are then unlocked. Perhaps your docs could reflect something about that requirement? (Of course, it's only a requirement if you aren't immediately destroying the objects, but it's not obvious that you should have to do so. Perhaps I'd prefer to create the objects, and just keep them around for whenever the program needs to do encryption.)

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