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by Henning Kristensen, Tuesday, June 16, 2009, 09:49 (5485 days ago) @ wodDamir


I'm not really sure that I understand what exactly you mean. What do you mean by Timeout occurs in smtp server ? You mean while relaying?

Also, what do you means by Server goes offline ? If you mean that you call Stop method, then you could send anything to currently connected users by using Send Method. However, in that case be careful not to violate smtp protocol.


Hi Damba

I do a lot of processing in the mailrecieved event. When the client is waiting for the resullt ( deny or accept ) the server might timeout if the value is too low. If this occurs the client seems to believe that the message is sent and everything is okay, but the mail is lost.
Also if i put the server offline during a mailrecieved event, the same thing seems to happen.
This is how i see things, maybe i wrong. Thats why i want to tell the client that the server did not recieve the mail.

Hope this is a more clear description of my problem :-)

Regards Henning

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