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Re: wodSmtpServer - sending mail to local multiple (General questions)

by nisha, Thursday, July 17, 2008, 09:28 (5852 days ago) @ woddrazen


Thanks for quick response.

I have tried from smaple too. Actually i want to store msgs/file per User. (Multiple msgs for individual user)

when i write the below code in MailTo event, it works well if recipient is single..

User.Message.Filename = PATH + username/recipientname;
User.Message.FileAppend = true;
User.Message.Tag = username/recipientname;

But the problem arises when there are multiple recipients (In this case i want to create muliple files per each user) ..and it creates the msg file for last user/recipient only..NOT for all the recipients..

I need help for above.

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