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dns lookup through forward (wodSSHServer)

by caden, Thursday, July 10, 2008, 17:09 (3694 days ago)

Here's our process:

First we set up a ssh connection to:
In order to do that we do a dns lookup, which resolves 49.124.581.2.

Then we set up a port forward to
Again we do a dns lookup which is supposed to resolve

Here's the first question. Can we do a dns lookup through our ssh connection? Is there a problem with the domain names being the same internally and externally?

Once connected we need to get an xml feed

intranet.mydomain.com (resolves

This is same as the first question. Is it possible to do a dns lookup through our ssh connection?

If we have a successful ssh connection, how do we find out that intranet.mydomain.com resolves to

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