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Re: Console example (General questions)

by woddrazen, Saturday, December 30, 2006, 20:51 (4221 days ago) @ Hans

Hi Hans,

I'm not C++ guru also. Here is guide what is important for wodSSHServer to work correct.

First it is important that you ones generate private key and load that key before you start server created by wodSSHServer ActiveX component.
You can choose protocol you wish to use using wodSSHServer Protocol Property (SSH2, Telnet).
If you don't want to use default port 22 for SSH2 or 23 for Telnet Protocol you can use Port Property and change port to some other.

In LoginPassword Event who fires when user wants to authenticate to the server, you can determine which user will be able to connect.

Also important is ServiceRequest Event. ServiceRequest Event fires when user requests some service from the server.

More help for Protocol Property you can find here:

More help for Port Property you can find here:

More help for LoginPassword Event you can find here:

and for ServiceRequest Event you can find here:

Hope this helps.


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