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by wodSupport, Thursday, November 02, 2006, 20:44 (6168 days ago) @ condev1972

Understood. But the component does then not (or is not able of)
to validate that all .new files still exist as they should,
right? Would I manually have to check for .new files at start
of my application to guess that it is updateable or does the
component detect this as well? If not, this might be a nice
feature for later versions (auto-detecting previously downloaded
update(s) for postponed update mechanism).
From my point of view the best way seems to highly recommend my
users to *really* process the update when something was downloaded
(incl. closing the application etc.).

This looks like excellent idea - to add new event that will notify you upon startup that you can call Update method. I'll try to add this shortly.

Also - for later maybe - a backup and restore feature would be
awesome by way of named archives or sub-folders, i.e. if there is
a global version number for the full set of files, an archive
with a prefix and that version number would be nice to have.
This is not yet part of the package, right?

Can't promise that. I cannot remember all of those subversions. But you can :)

I think that should be ok for the standard case to fetch e.g. a proxy. But as mentioned earlier, this may require additional
authentication by the user once the extranet is being accessed.
This is often the case with corporate customers and therefore I
myself would need more flexibility for the user to configure some
settings. If the component would eventually offer properties for
proxy username and password, that should help a lot I think. :)

True. I will try to add it too.

The question is, how does the component react on this? Does it show the error to the user and abort the Check ? Hopefully it will automatically abort the process itself and not just die . :)
Maybe you can check and explain that further, please? :)

It will fire CheckDone event with some error, such as 30006 (signature invalid). For example, you may handle 404 error and when you request update some custom page is returned - instead of configuration file. That's why Signature is required on configuration file so that component is sure it downloads correct file. So, *SOME* error is returned. Only if ErrorCode = 0 you can proceed to download. Well, you can of course only check if NewFiles argument is set :)

Hope I helped.

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