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HTML messages arriving as attachments (wodSmtp)

by RickBock, Tuesday, October 03, 2006, 20:16 (6504 days ago)


I've run into a problem that I hope rings a bell with someone out there.

I'm using the SMTP control to EMail reports to clients. Everything was working fine up until a couple of days ago when messages started arriving as HTML attachments rather than displaying the HTML code as the message body. This only happens on some EMail clients (several web mail clients as well as Outlook Express). I've checked to ensure that they've got HTML enabled.

The only change that's been made is that I've replaced the text logo that we were using with an embedded JPG file. Before this the messages came through with no trouble. And to complicate things, the embeged image comes through just fine on many EMail clients (GMail and Outlook 2003).

Finally I just went in and removed the embedded image from the code and tested it and it's working fine with Outlook Express. This makes me think that there's definately something afoot with the way I'm using the embed function.

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