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default encoding for wodSMTP.createSimpleAttachmen (wodSmtp)

by LOGO Datensysteme, Thursday, June 01, 2006, 13:50 (6596 days ago)


general Question:

If i use the create...Attachment() methods, are you generally
using base64 encoding or is it depending on what kind of file
i am attaching? (perhaps based on fileextension?)

Example: Is encoding changing to QuotedPrintable when attaching
an RTF-File instead of a GIF-File (-> base64) ?

Background: I am saving the Message as EML-File as a kind of
Mail-archive. My APP should be able to save/preview the attached
File of such an EML-File. base64-decoding is easy, but the other
encoding-schemes must be programmed if wodSMTP.create... is not
always using base64 as default.

Thanks alot and
best regards


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