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MD5 with ASP (wodCrypt)

by John Lundberg, Friday, November 25, 2005, 11:12 (5127 days ago)


I have a problem hashing in ASP.

This is my code:

Set Crypt = Server.CreateObject( WeOnlyDo.wodCryptCom.1 )
Set EncBlob = Server.CreateObject( WeOnlyDo.MemBlob.1 )
Set DecBlob = Server.CreateObject( WeOnlyDo.MemBlob.1 )

Crypt.LicenseKey = 33A6-xxx-xxx-KE7Z
Crypt.Optimized = 0
Crypt.Type = 100
Crypt.Padding = PadSpace
Crypt.FireEvents = False
Crypt.Compression = NoCompression

DecBlob.Text = 9999ABCD0000011100aaaabbbb

Crypt.Digest DecBlob, EncBlob
encMD5 = EncBlob.ToHex

response.write encMD5

set EncBlob = Nothing
set DecBlob = Nothing
set Crypt = Nothing

This function are supposed to return the MD5 value: 26efb0517cdfbbacb13a61e91feae16d

but it returns:

another thing is that its returning the same value regardless of what i type in DecBlob.Text.

What is wrong with my script?

// John

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