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Re: I can't send to hotmal (General questions)

by Chris Barnes, Thursday, November 03, 2005, 12:24 (6839 days ago) @ Gaston (Argentina)

Hey there,

hotmail made some changes to their spam rules a couple of weeks ago.
These changes are working for me at the moment....

1) Ensure that the hostname specified in .MyHostName has a DNS resolution to the interface from which the internet sees you transmitting.

2) Adding these headers meant my mail got delivered:

Smtp1.Message.Headers.Item( X-Mailer ).value= Microsoft Exchange V6.5
Smtp1.Message.Headers.Item( X-MimeOLE ).value= Produced By Microsoft Exchange V6.5
Smtp1.Message.Headers.Add X-Priority , 3
Smtp1.Message.Headers.Add Bounce-To ,MailSender
Smtp1.Message.Headers.Add Errors-To ,MailSender
Smtp1.Message.Headers.Add Return-Path ,MailSender

The ones that seemed to do it were the last 3.
I tried the M$ exchange spoof because I thought that M$ were trying to stuff everybody (again)

Hope this works for you as well.



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