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wodFtpDLX.Net: slow connection and timeouts (wodFtpDLX / wodFtpDLX.NET)

by dfb, Tuesday, April 07, 2020, 10:04 (1275 days ago)

Hi all,

We use wodFtpDLX for a number of connections without problems, but recently noticed an issue with certain servers.

The remote SFTP server in question is using Tectia SFTP - their server reports this version at logon: "Server version: SSH-2.0- SSH Tectia Server"

Our connections work fine using wodFtpDLX on Windows 2012 R2. Connect/push file/rename file/disconnect in about 1 second.

However running the same software on Windows 2019 we get long delays during connection and when pushing and renaming files. This can easily take 60 seconds per step, but sometimes even longer and we get a timeout.

We have seen the same behaviour with wodFtpDLX 1.9.0 on Win2019.

Has anybody else seen this type of issue?


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