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Search Operations (wodSmtpServer / wodPop3Server / wodImapServer)

by Nestor Castro Junior, Monday, March 09, 2020, 18:11 (996 days ago) @ Jasmine


How do I identify that the event is requesting message data? How do I feed the message? Any specific method for doing this within this event?

I would have difficulty reproducing in a project, as I use the Roundcube client as webmail to connect to the IMAP server. In it I try to search for a term and hoped that messages with that term would be filtered out. But no message is displayed and I don't know if I should have programmed something to make the search return messages that match the search term.


You're not expected to do anything, except to feed the message when asked by the event to do so.

I can try to duplicate your problem and debug it to see why there's no results from the search as you expected them. How can I set up your environment? Any chance you can make small demo project and send it over to techsupport?


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