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SSHAuto (wodSSH / wodSSH.NET)

by Wojciech Król, Monday, February 17, 2020, 13:12 (1015 days ago) @ Jasmine


I just tried with latest wodSSH.NET and I was able to connect without any problems. Can you please update to the latest to confirm this is (not?) fixed in that version?


The point that I would like to know what should happen - to rephrase, how the SSH protocol version negotiation part should look like.
For me, the fact that SSHAuto works only for SSHv2 is not a problem - but I would like to understand what was the idea behind SSHAuto and it should work (shouldn't it decide on a version based on the supported version reported by the server rather than just sending 1.99)?
Since in Our use of WoD, we are using the SSHAuto flag, and we would like to add a feature that would display the warning to the customer if he is using SSHv1. However, from the observed behavior looks like SSHv1 doesn't work in Auto mode and we can switch to use SSHv2 in code without breaking customers (since already they cannot connect to SSHv1 hosts - nobody has reported that, so they might not be even trying to connect to machines that are using SSHv1)

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