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Keys not loaded or generated (wodSFTP / wodSFTP.NET / wodSFTPdll)

by BenGl, Friday, August 09, 2019, 21:21 (1209 days ago)

Trying to connect to a difficult SFTP server. They say their server doesn't work with WinSCP and a few other common clients, and doesn't work with works with CUTE FTP and others...

I used wodKeys to make a DSA key pair. They said the public key has to use OpenSSH, so I used wodKeys.PublicKeyOpenSSH and they accepted the key.

I am able to Connect to the server, but when I try PUT a Test.txt file, I get error "Keys not loaded or generated".

Dim wodKeys As Keys
Set wodKeys = New Keys
wodSFTP.Authentication = authPubkey
wodSFTP.PrivateKey = wodKeys
wodSFTP.HostName = HOST_NAME
wodSFTP.Login = LOGIN
wodSFTP.Blocking = True 'Use synchronous connections

wodSFTP.PutFile "D:\\Test.txt" 'ERROR OCCURS HERE


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