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error 30027 (wodSFTP / wodSFTP.NET / wodSFTPdll)

by AndyJ, Monday, February 09, 2015, 13:05 (1400 days ago) @ Jasmine

Yes, I noticed the 30s timeout.
When it works, all files are downloaded in just a few seconds, so it should never really hit that 30s remote server timeout.
I can't try from anywhere else as these are internal transfers from one VM to another.

It always seems to be in the LoopFiles/LoopItem bit that it stops working.

In the second case, on the Windows Server 2012R2 installation, it always fails when there is more than one file to download - the first LoopItem fires and then nothing happens until it reaches the timeout (in this case 120s) and then we see the 30027 error.


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