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DefaultInterface.QueryInterface (wodCrypt)

by dandraka, Friday, February 18, 2005, 14:10 (5405 days ago)

Hi there,

in the wodCrypto samples, right before the .Encrypt (or decrypt) there are the lines:
inblob.DefaultInterface.QueryInterface(WODCRYPTCOMLib_TLB.IID_IBlob, inb);
outblob.DefaultInterface.QueryInterface(WODCRYPTCOMLib_TLB.IID_IBlob, outb);

I have only a vague understanding of what this does, and this makes me a little nervous [:uhoh:]. Can you point me to some explanation ?

And another related question: For fileblobs, does it matter if the filename (inblob.filename) is set before or after the DefaultInterface.QueryInterface ?

Thanks for your time,

Dimitris Andrakakis

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