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wodXMPP Object

AboutShows aboutbox.
ChangePasswordChanges password on the server for current account.
ConnectConnects to the server and tries to authenticate.
DisconnectDisconnects from the server.
LoadPrivateDataLoads private data from the server.
NotifySends notification to some JID.
ParseParses XML data as it would be received from socket.
PingPings remote server or other client
RawSendSends raw data to the server.
SavePrivateDataSaves private data to the server.
SendChatSends simple chat message.
SendFileSends file to contact.
SendMessageSends message to some JID.
SendTextSends simple text message.
ServeFileServes file through integrated web server.
SetStatusChanges user's status.
AuthenticationDetermines type of authentication with the XMPP server.
AutoVisibleDetermines if user is visible upon login.
BackColorDetermines the background color of the contact.
BlockingDetermines if methods are blocking.
BorderVisibleReturns or sets whether the control is displayed with a border.
CapabilitiesHolds list of capabilities shown to the server.
ChatRoomsReturns collection of all available chatrooms.
CombineResourcesDetermines if multiple resources are combined into one contact.
ContactsReturns collection of all contacts on your list.
EnabledReturns or sets a value that determines whether a form or control can respond to user-generated events.
FeaturesReturns server features list
FilesHolds collection of current transfers.
FillColorDetermines the fill color of the contact.
FontReturns a Font object.
ForeColorReturns or sets the foreground color used to display text and graphics in an object.
IdentityReturns server identity.
LanguageDetermines language for error messages.
LastErrorHolds last error that occurred.
LastErrorTextHolds text description of last error that occurred.
LoginHolds user's JID/login information.
NotificationFast notifications interface.
PasswordHolds user's password.
PictureReturns or sets a graphic to be displayed in a control.
PortHolds port where component will connect.
PriorityHolds priority information.
ProxyHostnameHostname of remote proxy.
ProxyLoginLogin/Username for remote proxy.
ProxyPasswordPassword for remote proxy.
ProxyPortPort on remote proxy.
ProxyTypeType of proxy used.
RegisterDetermines if new user will be registered with the server.
ResourceHolds connection's resource.
RowHeightDetermines height of each entry in the contact list.
SecureMethodDetermines secure method used for XMPP.
SecurityDetermines if SSL/TLS security will be used.
ServicesReturns collection of all services supported by the server.
ServicesFilteredReturns collection of services filtered by the category.
ShowMyselfDetermine if you are shown on the list of contacts.
SmallFontReturns a Font object for small text.
StateReturns current component state.
StateTextReturns text description of component state.
StatusHolds user's status.
StatusTextReturns text representation of contact's status.
TabStopReturns or sets a value indicating whether a user can use the TAB key to give the focus to an object.
TimeoutDetermines number of seconds before component is disconnected due to being idle.
UseUPnPDetermines if component uses UPNP to open ports on firewall.
VCardHolds VCard for your personal details.
VersionReturns component version info.
ChatRoomDataFires when chat room settings are received.
ChatRoomInviteFires when you're invited to a chatroom.
ChatRoomListDoneFires when response chat room list arrives.
ClickFires when user performs mouse click.
ConnectedFires when wodXMPP connects to remote server.
ContactAuthRequestFires when new contact requests authorization to add you to his contact list.
ContactListFires when contact list arrives from server.
ContactSearchDoneFires when search query has completed.
ContactStatusChangeFires when contact's status changes.
DblClickFires when user double clicks on some contact.
DisconnectedFires when wodXMPP disconnects from server.
ErrorFires when server returns an error.
FileTransferEndFires when file transfer completes.
FileTransferProgressFires during file transfer.
FileTransferStartFires when file transfer starts.
HostCertificateFires when remote server provides its certificate.
IncomingMessageFires when new message is received.
IncomingNotificationFires when new notification is received.
PongFires when response to Ping arrives.
PreTranslateCommandFires before the command is sent to the server.
PreTranslateReplyFires before wodXMPP evaluates received reply from the server.
PrivateDataFires when private storage data is received from the server.
ServiceRegisterFires when result is received for service register attempt.
ServiceStatusChangeFires when service's status changes.
StateChangeFires when wodXMPP changes its state.
UnhandledIQFires when unhandled IQ element is received.
VCardDetailsFires when someone's VCard arrives from the server.