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wodSmtpServer ActiveX Component and COM object

2.6.3 February 18, 2021
* Fixed memory leak in FullThreads property setting

2.6.2 January 15, 2018
* Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2n

2.6.1 April 15, 2017
* SSLCipherList property to specify allowed SSL algorithms
* CryptoInformation and RelayCryptoInformation to provide
	information about SSL/TLS encrypted connection

2.6.0 January 1, 2016
* SecureProtocol property to choose specific SSL/TLS version
* TLS 1.1 and 1.2 support

2.5.9 October 21, 2015
* Fix in Connected event. If Action = Done, user was disconnected but
	was not removed from Users collection

2.5.8 October 5, 2015
* Relay's MAIL FROM and RCPT TO commands now don't send space 
	after the command to comply with RFC 5321

2.5.7 May 12, 2015
* When SSL fails, component will not auto-switch back to 
	SecurityNone setting
2.5.6 July 9, 2014
* Fix in MX domain resolving that produces invalid, short names
	so relaying failed

2.5.5 June 25, 2013
* Fix in Authentication settings when multiple authentications
	were combined
* New Response event added

2.5.4 October 22, 2012
* New methods SignDKIM and VerifyDKIM for DKIM (domain keys) support

2.5.3 May 18, 2012
* Relay now sends EHLO instead of HELO if any of extensions are used

2.5.2 February 1, 2012
* Fix in relays when STARTTLS was used, HELO command was not resent

2.5.1 March 1, 2011
* Relays.Add now accepts empty message, and creates one for you. This is useful
	if you're using threading so you don't get marshalling errors

2.5.0 January 15, 2011
* IPv6 support

2.4.1 January 26, 2010
* Distribution now contains x86 and x64 binaries

2.3.6 November 3, 2009
* Fixed problem that caused connections to be dropped under
	high client connection rate

2.3.5 April 18, 2009
* User.Certificate property added
* Updated OpenSSL to latest version

2.3.4 June 11, 2008
* Fixed a bug in sorting MX records according to priority when relaying

2.3.3 April 3, 2008
* Fix in DNS query response parsing, which causes wodSmtpServer to crash

2.3.2 December 22, 2007
* Relay object was sometimes not released when Threads were used

2.3.1 November 16, 2007
* MX records are now sorted by their preference (lowest first), both when wodSmtpServer
	attempts to deliver relayed message, and in DNSResponse event results

2.3.0 February 10, 2007
* Switched to OpenSSL 0.9.7 which is FIPS140-2 certificated. See certificate #733 at

2.2.5 November 13, 2006
* Fix when empty message was received (no body, only headers), wodSmtpServer
	discarded such messages completely

2.2.4 September 28, 2006
* TXT record can now be retrieved using QueryDNS method too (for example,
	to obtain SPF record details for the sender)

2.2.3 November 30, 2005
* Fix in threads that could freeze sometimes when user sends QUIT command

2.2.2 May 24, 2005
* Fix in relays that just stopped sending message if one line of message
	was larger than 32k

2.2.1 October 24, 2004
* Fix in Threads = SafeThreads property setting, when relays constantly were
	having timeout error
* Changed version numbering. Last part of version now removed as build number

---- old version numbering August 14, 2004
* Add User.MaxMessageSize property
* Relay.MailTo now accepts multiple recipients (delimited with CRLF
* Fix in Relay.RetryCount that wasn't increased if remote host
	could not be resolved
* Fix in Relays.Clear that didn't kill the relay if your program
	held a reference to it July 16, 2004
* Fix in Relays that failed to deliver message if winsock sent local
	socket-related messages out of order (FD_READ before FD_CONNECT) June 21, 2004
* Add Multithreading support June 17, 2004
* Fix in relays that were not sent if there wasn't newline at the end
	of the message June 4, 2004
* Add User.Transcript and Relay.Transcript properties May 27, 2004
* Fix in relay when message contained '.' at the beginning of line, 
	which caused message to be broken when delivered May 3, 2004
* Add Relay.MyHostname property
* Fix in Relay.IdleWait property that retried sending message to soon,
	without waiting for idle time to expire April 6, 2004
* Add User.CramSecret property for possible 3rd party 
	CramMD5 authentication implementation April 1, 2004
* Improved DNS resolver library March 21, 2004
* Fix where VerifyAddress and ExpandAddress event were swapped January 1, 2004
* Add support for SSL encryption for the server and relays. You can 
	choose to use STARTTLS command, or to use SSL wrapper
* Add wodCertificate.DLL for SSL certificate management
* wodCertificate can now load certificates and keys from PKCS12 PFX files
* Fix in crash that occured if user was disconnected from within MailTo,
	MailFrom or MailStart events December 23, 2003
* Improved behavior of relays. Now relays will not be 'forgotten' if
	many of them were added with great speed November 21, 2003
* Add new Error 30017 if Relay object was initialized from your code,
	and not using Relays.Add method
* Add automatic DNS server recognition - now you can check if
	DNSHostname is already setup by wodSmtpServer itself 
	before you set it manually
* Fix in AddReceivedHeader which created invalid header if there was
	more than one recipient
* Fix in User.BytesUpload and User.BytesDownload which were not
* Fix in VerifyAddress that was fired both for VRFY and EXPN commands.
	Now EXPN command fires ExpandAddress as it should.
* Fix in crash that occured when header field was too large. Now dynamic
	buffers are used when headers are parsed. November 19, 2003
* Fix in Relay object where relayed messages was corrupt when sent
	to remote server November 14, 2003
* Fix of bug introduced in with HeadersReceived event, when
	headers that consist of more than one lines are not saved
	properly November 13, 2003
* Fix when ESMTP parameters passed with MAIL FROM and RCPT TO that 
	were not handled properly November 7, 2003
* Add SmtpHeaders and SmtpHeader interfaces
* Add HeadersReceived event that fires when components receives headers,
	but before it writes them to disk, allowing you to do changes October 21, 2003
* Add Authentication support for the relays
* Add User.StateText property August 29, 2003
* Fix in successful Authentication return code
* Fix in relaying when Hostname didn't internally change places,
	allowing other MX entries to be used
* Add SilentAllow and SilentDeny constants for event actions
* Add hidden DebugFile property useful for debugging, both
	to SmtpServer and SmtpRelay objects
* Add Relay.RetryCount, Relay.Port and Relay.LastResponse properties
* Split error code 30006 to several errors, each of
	them more descriptive August 28, 2003
* Add support for sending DNS client queries (A, MX and PTR records)
* Add QueryDNS method
* Add HeloReceived and DNSResponse events
* Add HELOdomain method for user object
* Add DnsQueryTypes enumeration
* MailTo property now can remember more than one recepient, 
	holding it one-per-line in string variable
* GreetingMessage and GoodbyeMessage slightly changed their default values August 16, 2003
* Add Fast Notifications support - 30 times faster than firing events
	(only for COM object, not ActiveX control)
* Add Notification property
* Add sample that implement new IwodSmtpNotify interface
* Add internal relaying support through ISmtpRelay interface
* Minor changes in the code
* Updated docs to reflect wodSmtpServer improvements

------------------------------------------------------------------- May 22, 2003
* Add Authentication support (properties, enums, event)
	support for LOGIN, PLAIN and CRAM-MD5 authentication
* Add support for programmer to rejected message just after
	it's posted (Command event is fired with
	argument ".", you can send your own response) December 6, 2002
* Fix HELO response that replaced local and remote host names
* Internal code cleaning November 22, 2002
* Fix EHLO response that causes problem with some mail servers that
	try to relay mail November 15, 2002
* Fix for empty line problems with Eudora clients
* Fix for timeout problem that was firing too soon November 7, 2002
* Fix in parameter scanning for MAIL FROM and RCPT TO commands November 3, 2002
* AddFromLine property is added that determines if wodSmtpServer will
	add 'From ' line at the beginning of each received message October 17, 2002
* Fix for memory leak that occured for each new received message October 14, 2002
* Add MailReset event that is fired when client sends RSET command
	thus canceling any previously entered information August 30, 2002
* Fix for message saving problems on high server load. Seems that
	one message was getting few lines from another, which caused
	invalid messages to be saved. July 19, 2002
* Fix for a problem when message line starts with . (dot) March 27, 2002
* Fix for Activated property that was never set to 'True' March 6, 2002
* Removed requirement for one space character after 
	MAIL FROM: and RCPT TO: keywords January 7, 2002
* Fixed problem with 100% CPU usage due to bug in Kill method December 5, 2001
* Licensing changes December 1, 2001
* Fix for bad CRLF sequence at the end of each line November 15, 2001
* Initial Release