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wodSSHTunnel ActiveX Component and COM object

1.9.9 January 16, 2024
* Fix for Terrapin attacks (CVE-2023-48795) using strict KEX mode

1.9.8 October 6, 2020
* Binaries now compiled in VS2019
* OpenSSL updated to 1.0.2u

1.9.7 September 10, 2019
* Fixed aes-cbc ciphers 

1.9.6 January 15, 2018
* Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2n

1.9.5 September 18, 2017
* Fix in x64 version that failed to open more than one forwarding channel

1.9.4 May 24, 2017
* Fix in 'Server signature does not match' when connecting to 'Reflection for Secure IT' server

1.9.2 November 30, 2016
* New HMAC algorithms 

1.9.1 December 10, 2015
* New properties KeySignatureList and KeyExchangeList

1.9.0 September 21, 2015
* EncryptionList and HMacList properties added
* Switched to OpenSSL 1.0.2

1.8.3 March 31, 2015
* Fix in remote port forwarding when remote clients were not disconnected
	when channel was stopped

1.8.2 June 3, 2014
* Fix in DSA private key authentication that could fail even key is valid

1.8.1 October 24, 2013
* User.LogFilename added for logging connection data

1.8.0 September 23, 2013
* Support for Elliptic curve cryptography
* Key exchange algorithms ecdh-sha2-nistp256,ecdh-sha2-nistp384,ecdh-sha2-nistp521
* Signature algorithm ecdsa-sha2-nistp256,ecdsa-sha2-nistp384,ecdsa-sha2-nistp521
* MAC algorithms hmac-sha2-256,hmac-sha2-512

1.7.4 November 25, 2012
* New proxy type ProxyWEBIntegratedAuth that uses NTLM with credentials of 
	currently logged on user over HTTP proxy

1.7.3 June 9, 2012
* IPv6 support through new UseIPv6 property

1.7.2 July 20, 2010
* Support for aes128-ctr, aes192-ctr, aes256-ctr encryption algorithms
	in SSH2 protocol

1.7.1 January 22, 2010
* Distribution now contains x86 and x64 binaries

1.7.0 October 27, 2009
* FIPS 140-2 enabled library can now be specified as external DLL, 
	through FIPS property. This way your application can switch
	to "on demand FIPS" just by specifying different library. 
* Binaries are from now on recompiled in VS 2008

1.6.1 September 29, 2008
* Random number initialization replaced with MS CryptoAPI implementation. 
	This will fix 'freeze of first run' problem.

1.6.0 February 10, 2007
* Switched to OpenSSL 0.9.7 which is FIPS140-2 certificated. See certificate #733 at

1.5.4 January 26,2007
* Fixed bug with VShell when invalid password was used, but wodSSHTunnel did not
	report it - just closed the connection with no errors

1.5.3 September 1, 2006
* Fix in ActiveX EXE that could crash when RDP is used and connection
	broken by the client

1.5.2 March 3, 2006
* More errors added to better describe reason if forwarding failed
* Fixes local port forwarding problem with Tectia 5 server

1.5.1 January 9, 2006
* RemotePort forwarding now accepts connections coming from remote (localhost) by default

1.5.0 October 31, 2005
* Fixed crash that could happen when Threads property was set to true

1.4.4 October 17, 2005
* Add AllocatePty property to make wodSSHTunnel visible on unix 'who' list

1.4.3 October 9, 2005
* New proxy type ProxyWindows added. When set, wodSSHTunnel will use same values
	for proxy as defined in Internet Explorer
* Add User.BytesUpload/BytesDownload and Channel.BytesUpload/BytesDownload
	properties to monitor traffic

1.4.2 July 19, 2005
* Added support for NTLM authenticated proxy to be used (mostly) with ISA servers

1.4.1 October 24, 2004
* Changed version numbering. Last part of version now removed as build number

---- old version numbering October 4, 2004
* Fix when 100% CPU utilization occurred when user was sending large amounts
	of data through wodSSHTunnel September 27, 2004
* Add UserStateChange event August 25, 2004
* Fix of few memory-related problems that caused 'Pure virtual function
	not called' when wodSSHTunnel was used in NET environment May 25, 2004
* wodKeys updated to support NET XML structure for saving/loading keys, 
	added FromXmlString and ToXmlString methods
* Add AES128, AES192 and AES256 as separate choice to Encryption property
* Add CAST128 support
* Fix in opening more than one remote port forwarding channel (only first
	was opened due to bug in previous version) April 18, 2004
* Fix in resource leak. If connection failed and Threads property was
	set to True, connecting thread did not exit
* Fix in SOCKS5 protocol to give clients that don't want to authenticate
	ability to connect (such as Firefox). You can still restrict
	such connections through SocksConnect/SocksBind event
* Fix in UserConnecting that shown local Hostname/Port arguments
	instead of user's originating Hostname/Port
* Add LoginChallenge event for keyboard interactive authentication. 
	KeyboardInteractive is not allowed as 
	separate authentication method. April 6, 2004
* ChannelStop event is now fired if channel cannot be started
	(for example, if wodSSHTunnel is unable to bind port) March 17, 2004
* Fix in RemoteForward type that reported error even server reported
	success while opening channel March 2, 2004
* Fix caused by SocksProxy which send few characters to the user immediately
	upon connection, no matter which channel type was selected February 28, 2004
* Add SocksProxy forwarding type for opening dynamic channels. wodSSHTunnel
	implements SOCKS4(a)/SOCKS5 server now
* Add Keyboard-Interactive authentication type February 8, 2004
* Fix in error that caused server to drop the connection with wodSSHTunnel
	due to opened channel being closed twice January 22, 2004
* Fix in Connect method that did not report any errors if hostname
	was invalid (could not resolve) January 9, 2004
* Fix in closing channels when 'close request' wasn't sent to the server,
	and connections remained open on the server side even after client
	left the server October 23, 2003
* Add ActiveX EXE as new standalone component in the package, to be used
	with projects that suffer from freezing applications becase main
	thread where wodSSHTunnel lives is blocked by other components
	(such as database connectors) September 16, 2003
* Fix for rare GPF that could occur if channel Start or Stop were used
	without being connected September 10, 2003
* Fix in Remote Port Forwarding that could not be closed without 
	disconnecting wodSSHTunnel from the server.
	- OpenSSH ignores 'cancel remote forward' anyway! June 17, 2003
* Add Fast Notifications support - 30 times faster than firing events
	(only for COM object, not ActiveX control or Win32DLL)
* Add multithreading support
* Add Notification property
* Add AutoStart property
* Add Threads property
* Add sample that implement new IwodTunnelNotify interface
* Updated docs to reflect wodSSHTunnel improvements May 22, 2003
* Error numbers updated May 13, 2003
* Fix for VanDyke server communication, where too much data was
	sent on the channel
* wodKeys improved with ability to read Vandyke generated keys
	(only non-encrypted keys, read only, no support, provided AS-IS)
	(to make non-encrypted key, just change its passphrase) 
	(to empty one, from Vandyke software you use) April 24, 2003
* Fix for wodSSHTunnel not closing channels, causing services
	on server side to remain open even after local clients
* wodKeys improved with ability to read Putty generated keys 
	(only reads it, does not check if key is valid) March 4, 2003
* Fix for privatekey authentication with RSA key (minor bug) February 27, 2003
* Fix for invalid hostname problem that reported no error 
	(introduced with proxy support) February 19, 2003
* Behavior change - when LocalListen channel is created on 
	localhost ( interface, wodSSHTunnel will
	accept connections by default
* Marked ActiveX control safe for scripting and initialization February 13, 2003
* Fix for memory leaks when compression is used
* Fix in CryptoInformation event where algorithm names 
	were not shown correctly February 9, 2003
* Add support for proxies
* Add support for compression
* Add CryptoInformation event
* Changes in disconnection-related event declaration
* Fix for key reexchange that caused GPF with some servers February 2, 2003
* Add support to internally set LocalPort value after binding,
	if user specified LocalPort = 0
* Fix for timeout problems during connecting January 31, 2003
* Fixes GPF when user disconnects
* Fixes PropertyPages Delete button
* Change in UserConnected event - now you get error reported
	(if any) January 29, 2003
* Initial release