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wodSSHServer ActiveX Component and COM object

2.6.1 April 7, 2021
* Fix in SFTP protocol where unicode filenames were not shown properly

2.6.0 October 6, 2020
* Binaries now compiled in VS2019
* OpenSSL updated to 1.0.2u

2.5.8 November 13, 2019
* User.Timeout property added

2.5.7 September 10, 2019
* Fixed aes-cbc ciphers 

2.5.6 April 2, 2019
* Several port forwarding fixes that could lead to loss of packets or out of memory exceptions

2.5.5 February 14, 2019
* Fixed crash when client requests max window size of -1

2.5.4 January 14, 2018
* VT100 emulation now supports other columns/rows ratios than default 80x25
	usually specified by the client

2.5.3 November 30, 2016
* New HMAC algorithms 

2.5.2 December 10, 2015
* New property KeyExchangeList

2.5.1 October 8, 2015
* New event SftpTransferComplete

2.5.0 September 17, 2015
* EncryptionList and HMacList properties added
* Switched to OpenSSL 1.0.2

2.4.3 June 3, 2014
* Fix in DSA key that could cause bad signature so client reports server key as invalid

2.4.2 May 2, 2014
* Fix in SFTP protocol where SSH_FXF_EXCL flag was not handled properly when opening file

2.4.1 January 29, 2014
* Changes in interprocess communication between wodSSHServer and wodCmdTerm, to
	support latest Windows versions when UseNTAuthentication is set

2.4.0 September 23, 2013
* Support for Elliptic curve cryptography
* Key exchange algorithms ecdh-sha2-nistp256,ecdh-sha2-nistp384,ecdh-sha2-nistp521
* Signature algorithms ecdsa-sha2-nistp256,ecdsa-sha2-nistp384,ecdsa-sha2-nistp521
* MAC algorithms hmac-sha2-256,hmac-sha2-512

2.3.1 September 10, 2013
* Fix in FIPS mode where public key authentication failed

2.3.0 May 2, 2013
* Memory leak fix in SSH protocol

2.2.9 May 18, 2012
* Fix in service execute which failed to close even called executable finished
	(problems with Mercurial versioning system fixed)

2.2.8 April 21, 2011
* Fix in remote port forwarding that could cause crash due to internal bug

2.2.7 December 27, 2010
* New property MaxLoginAttempts, and LoginAttempts counter

2.2.6 September 8, 2010
* Fix in wodCmdTerm terminal process which caused wodSSHServer to stop
	when several instances of wodCmdTerm were running

2.2.5 July 20, 2010
* Support for aes128-ctr, aes192-ctr, aes256-ctr encryption algorithms
	in SSH2 protocol

2.2.4 June 16, 2010
* Port forwarding now accepts also IPv6 addresses

2.2.3 April 15, 2010
* Fix key regeneration problem with some Windows CE devices

2.2.2 February 8, 2010
* x509v3-sign-rsa public key authentication support

2.2.1 January 21, 2010
* Distribution now contains x86 and x64 binaries
* Kerberos GSSAPI authentication mechanism supported 
* LoginGSSAPI event added

2.2.0 November 14, 2009
* FIPS 140-2 enabled library can now be specified as external DLL, 
	through FIPS property. This way your application can switch
	to "on demand FIPS" just by specifying different library. 
* Binaries are from now on recompiled in VS 2008

2.1.5 November 3, 2009
* wodCmdTerm terminal server application now works also inside Windows service

2.1.4 September 11, 2009
* IPv6 support, enabled by UseIPv6 property

2.1.3 September 9, 2009
* Fixes potential bugs in wodSSHServer that could lead to 
	denial of service. Thanks to researchers working
	at Orange Labs for exploring those vulnerabilities

2.1.2 August 13, 2009
* Several VT100 keyboard handling fixes in VT100 emulation

2.1.1 July 21, 2009
* SCP download fix

2.1.0 March 11, 2009
* Fixes problem with terminal console cursor position 
	when more than one console was opened

2.0.9 January 12, 2009
* Fixes possible buffer overflow problem

2.0.8 December 10, 2008
* New property MonitorTransfers and new events SftpFileTransferData and SftpListDirData
	allowing you to alter listdir and file data during the transfer

2.0.7 November 3, 2008
* Fixed a problem with parsing special Telnet options

2.0.6 August 21, 2008
* ServerName property added
* Fixed an issue that prevented wodSSHServer to accept keyboard input in some cases.

2.0.5 July 14, 2008
* Fixed a problem when there was no data transferred 
	between two SSH key re-exchanges

2.0.4 February 27, 2008
* User object now provides ExitReason and ExitDescription properties

2.0.3 November 19, 2007
* Screen is cleared in VT100 terminal now upon session startup
* EOF is not properly responded to in port forwarding when OpenSSH client is used

2.0.2 October 8, 2007
* Fix in SSH protocol where "channel close" messages was not responded to. Caused
	some clients to keep connection open too long after session has died

2.0.1 August 12, 2007
* Fix in BytesDownload/BytesUpload properties that we unavailable and set to 0
	in Disconnected event
* Added PublicKeySSH and PublicKeyOpenSSH properties to Keys collection to retrieve 
	public key data in readable format

2.0.0 June 27, 2007
* Full console handling code - now wodSSHServer sends ANSI sequences to your console
	client to position cursor, change colors, etc.. You can see complete screen
	just as if you would see it from command prompt on the server

1.5.0 June 11, 2007
* Keyboard-interactive authentication support through User.AuthChallenge property
* Fix in remote port forwarding that closed listening socket after first connection

1.4.0 February 10, 2007
* Switched to OpenSSL 0.9.7 which is FIPS140-2 certificated. See certificate #733 at

1.3.5 October 4, 2006
* Fix in SCP protocol that ignored path during upload, 
	and always uploaded to root dir
* Fix in SFTP protocol that caused Solaris 9 SFTP client to freeze

1.3.4 May 16, 2006
* Fixes possible buffer overflow vulnerability that could lead to arbitrary 
	code execution by the attacker
1.3.3 March 13, 2006
* Add User.Environment property

1.3.2 February 6, 2006
* Fixed timers. If inactivity timeout expired, user was not autodisconnected

1.3.1 January 13, 2006
* Fix in remote port forwarding that was reporting invalid peer address
	to ssh client

1.3.0 October 30, 2005
* Pause method added

1.2.8 September 20, 2005
* Add User.LocalPFCount, User.RemotePFCount (to enumerate local and remote
	port forwardings currently open), and PortForwardDisconnect event
1.2.7 August 27, 2005
* Fixed bug caused by newest versions of putty (or other clients) that initiate
	key re-exchange in the middle of the connection

1.2.6 March 23, 2005
* Fixes high CPU utilization problem during remote port forwarding

1.2.5 December 14, 2004
* Fix problem with WinSCP in SFTP protocol that reported errors after
	directory creation

1.2.4 December 3, 2004
* Add internal support for SCP transfers. 

1.2.3 November 11, 2004
* Fix in SFTP protocol. When there was large number of entries in the
	directory, wodSSHServer tried to send all entries at once,
	causing protocol violation (too large packet size). Now they are
	split to several packets

1.2.2 November 1, 2004
* Fix in port forwarding that stopped working after some period, causing
	forwarded connection to freeze.

1.2.1 October 24, 2004
* Adds workaround for CuteFTP bug when double slash // was sometimes used as
	directory separator (instead of single slash)
* Changed version numbering. Last part of version now removed as build number

---- old version numbering October 19, 2004
* Fix for potential crash that may occur (as a precaution)
* Major changes in internal code structure to satisfy our EXE
	version (can be found at www.freesshd.com) September 28, 2004
* Fix Putty hangup in Telnet protocol during login sequence May 25, 2004
* Add separate Encryption property choice for AES128, AES192 and AES256
* Add CAST128 cipher support April 10, 2004
* Add compression support (when requested by the client)
* Behavior change: now you can change service type in ServiceRequest event
	to stPortForwarding, so client's request is redirected
	(PortForwardRequest event will fire to select host/port to redirect to) February 20, 2004
* Add CryptoInformation event January 2,2003
* Fix in SFTP server when client was setting attributes, and wodSSHServer
	replied with end-of-file errors with no valid reason November 13, 2003
* Fix in SFTP subsystem and directory path presentation to the client. WinSCP
	now properly accesses folders November 7, 2003
* Fix in NT authentication and SFTP subsystem - permissions are now correct
	when wodSSHServer access files November 3, 2003
* Fix in NT Authentication that didn't work when wodSSHServer was running
	under LocalService account
* Fix in Telnet protocol and sending large amount of data, that causes invalid
	data to be sent to the client October 29, 2003
* Fix in SFTP subsystem where User.UseNTAuthentication allowed access to 
	users with invalid credentials October 22, 2003
* Fix in shell service when 'cmd.exe' processes weren't terminated, and new
	SSHServer sessions could not start with the error 'Could not bind socket'
* Minor memory fix that could lead to crash
* Fix in SftpRename event when RelativePath was missing leading '/'
* Fix when SSH.COM's sftp2 client was used, and DownloadFile event was fired
	when user tried to upload September 26, 2003
* Fix in telnet options negotiation to make wodSSHServer work better with Putty
* Fix BytesUpload property value which was always invalid (and usually 0) August 13, 2003
* Fix in SFTP subsystem when uploading using some clients and upload stops
	after approx. 8mb June 15, 2003
* Fix problem in ServiceRequest when type was stExecute and 
	ServicePath was empty June 8, 2003
* Add Fast Notifications support - 30 times faster than firing events
	(only for COM object)
* Add Notification property
* Add sample that implement new IwodSSHDNotify interface
* Add sample for SFTP server
* Updated docs to reflect wodSSHServer improvements May 28, 2003
* Add PublicKeyData and PrivateKeyData properties to KeyPair object
	now you can access your keys through byte array May 27, 2003
* Fix in PublicKey property that returned invalid sequence for RSA key
* Fix in helpfile for LoginPubkey event April 21, 2003
* Fix for invalid channel detection that caused GPF April 9, 2003
* Fix for Disconnected event that sometimes did not fire February 7, 2003
* Fix for GPF in User.Disconnect called in ServiceRequest event December 13, 2002
* Improved telnet options negotiation December 2, 2002
* Fix for incorrect dates conversion in SFTP subsystem, that could
	lead to GPF under some circumstances November 9, 2002
* Add support for Telnet server and Raw server (now you can connect using
	old fashion telnet client also!)
* Add support for clients authenticating with their private key
	(only when running as SSH2 server).

* SSH Communications Corp. clients are now supported with RSA kex algorithm
	(guessed kex packets that are wrong are now ignored) October 24, 2002
* Fix for sftp client from SSH Communications, where trying to download
	file failed with an error 'file not regular....'
* Fix for downloading large files that occasionaly freeze
* Fix for GPF in MakeDir
* Fix for stShell service that sometimes didn't close client connection
* Fix for bug where old session parameters were held, so no new clients
	could connect to the server October 14, 2002
* Fix in dataflow between server and client
* Fix for large amount of data sent to client, when server improperly
	packaged data and caused clients to deny packets July 18, 2002
* Fix for FindClose that caused GPF when client disconnects June 10, 2002
* Add PublicKey and PrivateKey properties for KeyPair object
* Fix for bug in Load which deleted both keys - even only one was loaded. June 6, 2002
* Initial release