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wodSSH ActiveX Component and COM object

3.1.5 August 12, 2021
* Support for ssh-ed25519

3.1.4 August 31, 2020
* Binaries now compiled in VS2019
* OpenSSL updated to 1.0.2u

3.1.3 May 20, 2020
* Fix in initial connection freeze that happened with OpenSSH 7.3
	(due to both client and server waiting for specific packet)

3.1.2 September 10, 2019
* Fixed aes-cbc ciphers 

3.1.1 January 15, 2018
* Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2n

3.1.0 May 24, 2017
* Fix in 'Server signature does not match' when connecting to 'Reflection for Secure IT' server

3.0.9 April 19, 2017
* Improved initial greeting exchange, there were problems with servers that wait for 
	client's greeting before replying

3.0.8 November 30, 2016
* New HMAC algorithms 

3.0.7 December 8, 2015
* New properties KeySignatureList and KeyExchangeList
* New key exchange algorithms diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha256 and 

3.0.6 September 21, 2015
* EncryptionList and HMacList properties added
* Switched to OpenSSL 1.0.2

3.0.5 March 26, 2015
* New method SendBreak that sends BREAK signal to remote

3.0.4 November 25, 2014
* Fix in Telnet protocol that received garbage (Telnet codes) instead of
	processing them internally

3.0.3 September 19, 2014
* Fix in GSSAPI authentication, Login property when present is not anymore
	overwritten with Windows default login name

3.0.2 June 3, 2014
* Fix in DSA private key authentication that could fail even key is valid

3.0.1 April 7, 2014
* Fix in StripNull property that caused Receive method to return wrong number 
	of bytes in incoming buffer

3.0.0 September 22, 2013
* Support for Elliptic curve cryptography
* Key exchange algorithms ecdh-sha2-nistp256,ecdh-sha2-nistp384,ecdh-sha2-nistp521
* Signature algorithm ecdsa-sha2-nistp256,ecdsa-sha2-nistp384,ecdsa-sha2-nistp521
* MAC algorithms hmac-sha2-256,hmac-sha2-512

2.9.9 March 14, 2013
* Fix for accepting newer FIPS libraries

2.9.7 November 25, 2012
* New proxy type ProxyWEBIntegratedAuth that uses NTLM with credentials of 
	currently logged on user over HTTP proxy

2.9.6 November 3, 2010
* Fix in Receive method call when provided ByteCount was negative
	(component returned Out of memory error)
* New properties ErrorText and LastError

2.9.5 October 3, 2010
* New KeyForward property for SSH agent forwarding

2.9.4 August 24, 2010
* Fix in SSH1 protocol when Blowfish encryption was always selected

2.9.3 July 20, 2010
* Support for aes128-ctr, aes192-ctr, aes256-ctr encryption algorithms
	in SSH2 protocol

2.9.2 June 2, 2010
* Fixed global-request packet that caused mocana server to timeout

2.9.1 January 20, 2010
* Distribution now contains x86 and x64 binaries

2.9.0 October 27, 2009
* FIPS 140-2 enabled library can now be specified as external DLL, 
	through FIPS property. This way your application can switch
	to "on demand FIPS" just by specifying different library. 
* Binaries are from now on recompiled in VS 2008

2.8.0 August 13, 2009
* Kerberos authentication (GSS-API) added to the list
	of supported authentications. Both MIT KfW and SSPI providers
	are implemented

2.7.4 June 28, 2009
* Fixed negative ByteCount in Received event

2.7.3 May 15, 2009
* Fixed possible access violation error if invalid VARIANT data was
	provided to Send method

2.7.2 March 23, 2009
* Fix: proxy was ignored if IP address was used instead of hostname

2.7.1 January 27, 2009
* New Banner event

2.7.0 December 4, 2008
* Columns and Rows property can now be changed during the connection, and 
	changes info will be sent to server

2.6.9 September 29, 2008
* Random number initialization replaced with MS CryptoAPI implementation. 
	This will fix 'freeze of first run' problem.

2.6.8 May 9, 2008
* StripNull property added which instructs wodSSH to remove all NULL characters
	from received data

2.6.7 April 1, 2008
* Fixed an issue when the component was sending terminal settings in Telnet protocol 
	before authentication was performed 
	(declared as a security issue by some servers)

2.6.6 February 27, 2008
* Fix in Key regeneration (usually occurs after 1GB of transferred data or
	after one hour). Now during regeneration wodSSH will stop sending data 
	until regeneration completes (matter of milliseconds) to prevent wrong key
	being used during transfer

2.6.5 November 27, 2007
* New feature: 'password change' SSH packet is now supported. wodSSH will fire
	LoginChallenge event asking you to change the password.

2.6.4 October 25, 2007
* Change in telnet protocol - now you can specify only password for
	autologin feature too, to comply with some cisco routers

2.6.3 July 25, 2007
* Fixed problem with port forwarding and Tectia server

2.6.2 March 22, 2007
* IPv6 support added

2.6.1 February 27, 2007
* Add Subsystem property to start subsystem on the server

2.6.0 February 10, 2007
* Switched to OpenSSL 0.9.7 which is FIPS140-2 certificated. See certificate #733 at

2.5.3 January 26, 2007
* Fixed bug with VShell when invalid password was used, but wodSSH did not
	report it - just closed the connection with no errors

2.5.2 December 2, 2006
* TerminalSpeed property added

2.4.1 June 10, 2006
* Fix in key regeneration that occurs usualy after 1GB and causes wodSSH
	to close the connection

2.4.0 April 30, 2006
* Fixes inconsistency with first line returned, depending if Execute/Waitfor method
	was used with or without regular expression pattern (sometimes lines were
	removed from the buffer, sometimes it wasn't)

2.3.9 January 23, 2006
* SSH2 protocol now reports terminal speed (38400) to the server

2.3.8 January 13, 2006
* If Waitfor returns error (pattern not found) it will not consume incoming buffer 
	anymore. You can now call Receive after it to see why Waitfor failed
* Receive, when called in blocking mode, will not cause wodSSH to disconnect
	(since timeout expired)

2.3.7 July 20, 2005
* Added support for NTLM authenticated proxy to be used (mostly) with ISA servers

2.3.6 July 5, 2005
* Fix in SSH protocol that sometimes reported  error 30011 when used in 
	multithreaded environment

2.3.5 May 3, 2005
* Add KeepAlives and DataOut properties

2.3.4 February 15, 2005
* Add ExitStatus and ExitSignal properties

2.3.3 December 6, 2004
* Improved StripANSI function

2.3.2 November 25, 2004
* Fix in Connect method call that caused crash in blocking mode when remote
	side closed connection without any errors

2.3.1 October 24, 2004
* Changed version numbering. Last part of version now removed as build number

---- old version numbering October 15, 2004
* Fix for Prompt event that consumed too much received chars when prompt was
	found - returning insufficient data to your application
* Fix for 100% CPU utilization problem when connection is dropped while wodSSH
	was inside Waitfor or Execute methods October 8, 2004
* Fix in SSH protocol when large amount of data was sent in nonblocking mode
	at very high speed - which lead to a crash September 19, 2004
* Support for regular expressions in Prompt property, and 
	in Waitfor and Execute methods. July 7, 2004
* Fix problem when data was not fully received from the server (got stuck
	in internal buffers) May 22, 2004
* wodKeys updated to support NET XML structure for saving/loading keys, 
	added FromXmlString and ToXmlString methods
* Fix in SSH2 protocol. If remote server sends banner text, wodSSH
	fires Received event too early. Sometimes in such cases 
	Connected event doesn't fire at all May 5, 2004
* Add AES128, AES192, AES256 and CAST128 to be possible selections in
	Encryption property April 16, 2004
* Add LoginChallenge event for better "keyboard-interactive"
	authentication support
* Add KeyboardInteractive authentication type
* Fix in closing channel that was announced to the server, but socket
	was not closed April 7, 2004
* Fix in blocking mode when 'connection was reset' error was returned from
	Receive method call, even there was still data waiting in the buffer March 9, 2004
* Fix in telnet protocol that had problems connecting if remote side had
	banners shown before telnet protocol negotiation has taken place February 14, 2004
* Add ReceiveLine, PeekLine and Peek methods
* wodKeys now can load keys directly from PFX files December 23, 2003
* Add AllocatePty property
* Add support for keyboard-interactive authentication
* Fix few memory leaks when dealing with public keys November 8, 2003
* Fix in ProxyWEBStandard Proxy type when received proxy response
	was improperly parsed in rare cases October 10, 2003
* Improved speed in SSH system negotiation exchange September 18, 2003
* Improvement in greetings exchange. Now wodSSH accepts 'unusual'
	greetings from the server, such as restriction banners,
	license agreements etc. September 11, 2003
* Fix in Connect method that didn't return error when invalid 
	hostname was used September 9, 2003
* Fix another potential problem in blocking mode when wodSSH was
	destroyed before response was received from the server August 28, 2003
* Fix rare crash in blocking mode and telnet protocol, when
	receive was called just after component got disconnected August 14, 2003
* Fix authentication when password as used to authenticate even
	Ssh1.Authentication = authPubkey was set July 22, 2003
* Fix in Telnet options that caused invalid negotiation with
	some Nokia routers
* Fix in firing events when some events could execute larger amount
	of time (such as HostFingerprint waiting for user input) June 25, 2003
* Fix for occasional connection reset when wodSSH was used in 
	multithreaded environment
* Execute method now matches executed command better, and when
	found in returned data it removes it from incoming queue June 11, 2003
* Receive method now supports long integers in Count argument
* Fix when HostFingerprint event is fired, and client disconnects in the 
	meantime, no more GPF occurs June 7, 2003
* Add Fast Notifications support - 30 times faster than firing events
	(only for COM object, not ActiveX control)
* Add ShowStdErrorMessages property
* Add DataReady property
* Add Notification property
* Add sample that implement new IwodSSHNotify interface
* Updated docs to reflect wodSSH improvements May 20, 2003
* Improvements for WaitFor method
* Small fix in large speed data sending that caused
	some bytes to be sent more than once 
	on rare occasions April 25, 2003
* wodKeys improved with ability to read Putty generated keys 
	(only reads it, does not check if key is valid) March 29, 2003
* Fix in SSH2 protocol when Command property was set, client did not
	properly disconnect from the server March 25, 2003
* Fix in SOCKS4 proxy support March 7, 2003
* Fix in Receive method count argument, which was ignored in 
	some cases March 5, 2003
* Support for SecurID authentication (provided AS IS since no 
	official specification was released) February 13, 2003
* Fix for small memory leak in compression code
* Added proxy Socks4a code
* Fix for bug when data was not sent in SSH2 protocol
	with some servers (occurred rarely) February 2, 2003
* Add support for compression
* Add support for proxies

------------------------------------------------------------------- January 28, 2003
* Fix in blocking mode when Command property was set. There was
	GPF generated when large amount of data was being received
	even after server closed the connection December 13, 2002
*Fix for Raw protocol where Connected event was never fired December 10, 2002
* Add CryptoInformation event December 4, 2002
* Add Rows, Columns and TerminalType properties
* Fix for sending data in SSH1 protocol November 28, 2002
* Better support for multiple threads environment in blocking mode
* Add WaitFor and Execute methods
* Fix for blocking mode when not all data were received (and
	component timed out) October 17, 2002
* Fix for very rare bug in random number generator, that caused GPF
	on *some* NT4 based systems October 15, 2002
* PrivateKey property is now VARIANT, supports BSTR (String) as before,
	but now also SAFEARRAY VT_UI1 (byte array) and 
	LPDISPACH IKeys (Keys object) directly
* Fix for transmitting large amount of data that caused packets to be
	dropped by the server.
* Add new sample that copies full binary image of floppy disk from local folder
	to the server 

--------- WARNING: INTERFACE CHANGED ----------- September 18, 2002
* Fix for possible component lockup in SSH2 protocol
* Fix for Connected event not firing for Telnet protocol when
	login and password are given before connecting
* SSH1 protocol had exchanged Rows and Columns definition when
	terminal info was sent to the server August 31, 2002
* Fix for packet length handling
* Fix to support Bitvise SSHD
* Fix when component hung due to invalid window size
* Improved VB '4. Port Forwarding' sample
* Add PublicKey authentication also for SSH1 protocol. WodKeys component
	has support to print these keys to screen using new
	property PublicKeyRSA1 August 14, 2002
* Fix for few blocking mode issues. Checked all protocols in 
	ASP and JScript to work properly August 11, 2002
* Added support in KeyPair module for "SSH PRIVATE KEY FILE FORMAT 1.1"
* Fix for VB sample 6 for authorized_keys2 (instead of authorization_keys2)
* Fix for Command property when not all data were received before disconnection 
* Updated OpenSSL reference to 0.9.6e June 20, 2002
* Fixed one small bug that caused MAJOR problems. While adding PublicKey
	authentication, there was possibility for password authentication
	to fail and cause GPF. June 14, 2002
* Add RemoteIdentification property
* Support for PublicKey authentication
* Add new sample for PublicKey authentication
* Included wodKeys object for key management May 28, 2002
* Better support for Prompt and PromptReceived. Now PromptReceived is 
    fired *after* data is passed to the application through Received event. May 22, 2002
* Fix for potential GPF during login in SSH2
* Fix for problem when login was not send even specified in Telnet protocol May 16, 2002
* Fix for SSH1 protocol and invalid cipher selection
* Add ssh-rsa key encryption
* Better handling of window_adjust messages April 29, 2002
* Fix to support F-Secure SSHD March 27, 2002
* Fix for "Invalid data received from remote server. Protocol error." 
    error when used many clients at one
* Fix for GPF when running wodSSH in VB IDE and stopped 
    execution inside Connect event March 23, 2002
* Fix for Timeout when set to 0
* Fix for Connected state instead of LogonInProgress
* Updated licensing March 7, 2002
* Improved flow when receiving data from server (SSH2 protocol)
* Added StripANSI property which removes ANSI codes from received buffer
* Updated licensing February 15, 2002
* Support for port forwarding using ForwardPort and ForwardHost property
* Support for scp (added new VB sample to demonstrate it)
* Added method SendEOF that sends EOF (end of file) signal to the server
* Minor changes to the code
* Fix bug with SSH2 that sometimes fired and error 
    'invalid packet received' during login February 7, 2002
* Fix for invalid version exchange - caused wodSSH 
    to misinterpret received version number
* Improved SSH2 protocol security
* Fix for SSHAuto protocol setting
* Fix in Disconnect method when GPF occured January 22, 2002
* Initial Release