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wodSSH.NET Component

2.9.1 July 6, 2023
* New HMAC algorithms 

2.9.0 December 29, 2022
* Support for aes128-gcm@openssh.com, aes192-gcm@openssh.com and aes256-gcm@openssh.com

2.8.4 May 9, 2022
* rsa-sha2-256 and rsa-sha2-512 support

2.8.3 March 17, 2022
* CryptoInformation event now provides info about selected key exchange algorithm as well

2.8.2 October 16, 2021
* Fix in hmac-sha2-512 hmac

2.8.1 April 13, 2021
* Support for diffie-hellman-group14-sha256
* Core version now built for .NET 5

2.8.0 November 3, 2019
* .NET Core 3.0 support for WeOnlyDo.Client.SSH.Core.dll assembly only.
	wodKeyManager.NET is not available for .NET Core

2.7.3 September 26, 2019
* Switched default encoding to UTF8 instead of ASCII for all
	string transformations

2.7.2 August 16, 2018
* Elliptic curve key exchange support in NET40 version of the DLL
* Support for ecdh-sha2-nistp256 and ecdh-sha2-nistp384

2.7.1 May 8, 2018
* Fix when FIPS property was set, and component still used
	non-FIPS algorithms, so error was reported from Windows
* FIPS support is now removed from NET20 binaries

2.7.0 March 19, 2018
* Fix with Socks5 property that returned connection timeout

2.6.9 February 2, 2018
* Fix exception that was thrown when compression and chacha20-poly1305@openssh.com 
	cipher were used together

2.6.8 November 14, 2017
* Fixed rare 'The IAsyncResult object was not returned...' error when component
	was used on slower systems

2.6.7 August 16, 2017
* Rekey fix for Cisco routers

2.6.6 February 11, 2017
* New cipher chacha20-poly1305@openssh.com

2.6.5 October 19, 2016
* KeyExchangeList property added

2.6.4 July 11, 2016
* Key exchange algorithms diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha256 and 

2.6.3 September 27, 2015
* EncryptionList and HMacList properties added
* MAC algorithms hmac-sha2-256,hmac-sha2-512

2.6.2 January 25, 2015
* Fix in Waitfor/Execute method when caused high CPU utilization

2.6.1 October 3, 2013
* ConnectedArgs now has a Banner string member who provides
	a banner text. 

2.6.0 April 3, 2013
* FIPS DLL is now in Release distribution (for NET 3.5 and up)

2.5.4 February 11, 2012
* Fix in IPv6 address resolving

2.5.3 January 15, 2011
* Fix in Telnet protocol where component could freeze if large amount
	of data is arriving and data is being sent at the same time

2.5.2 September 21, 2010
* New property Subsystem to start predefined subsystem upon login, 
	instead of shell

2.5.1 July 20, 2010
* Support for aes128-ctr, aes192-ctr, aes256-ctr encryption algorithms
	in SSH2 protocol

2.5.0 April 23, 2010
* No changes in the DLL code
* Obfuscator changed to support VS2010

2.4.8 April 14, 2010
* Fix in SSH2 protocol, ExitStatus packet was not sent on Disconnect

2.4.7 January 13, 2010
* Fix in PeekData method which removed data from the buffer

2.4.6 October 1, 2009
* Fix in Password decoding when non-english characters were used. 
	Authentication error was reported because ASCII decoding
	was used instead of system default one.

2.4.5 September 3, 2009
* Possible socket resource leak 

2.4.4 June 9, 2009
* Fix in SSH2 protocol when Cisco-1.25 was on the server side and 
	'Server signature mismatch' exception was thrown

2.4.3 April 28, 2009
* Fix in Execute method when regex was used, and 'buffer error: start>len' was

2.4.2 April 17, 2009
* Fix in Telnet protocol, if password was invalid there was no error, only
	Disconnected event fired without reason

2.4.1 November 10, 2008
* Fixed an issue with calling Disconnect while receiving data from server.

2.4.0 August 29, 2008
* Component is now compiled in VS2005

2.3.3 August 14, 2008
* LoginChallenge event added

2.3.2 June 4, 2008
* Fixed an issue with WaitFor method used in multi-threaded applications

2.3.1 April 8, 2008
* Fixed an issue with SSH negotiation over some HTTP proxies

2.3.0 March 3, 2008
* Timeout fix - even wodSSH detected the timeout, it did not close
	socket due to inactivity timer being set

2.2.9 January 15, 2008
* SSH Key forwarding support

2.2.8 November 9, 2007
* Fixed problem with Mocana SSH servers during initial SSH exchange
* RLogin support added on request

2.2.7 October 25, 2007
* Change in telnet protocol - now you can specify only password for
	autologin feature too, to comply with some cisco routers

2.2.6 September 3, 2007
* Compression support
* WaitFor/Execute fix in Telnet protocol. When large amount of data was
	received, wodSSH incorrectly truncated part of received data

2.2.5 July 25, 2007
* Fixes port forwarding isue with Tectia server

2.2.4 May 8, 2007
* StripANSI property added

2.2.3 March 23, 2007
* IPv6 support

2.2.2 June 6, 2006
* Behavior change: AllocatePty should be now set after Command property
	(if both are used)

2.2.1 March 23, 2006
* Fix for VS2005 and NET 2.0 which caused wodSSH.NET to freeze due to
	async socket callbacks being returned in the same thread
* Small fix for Raw protocol that failed to fire Connected event if 
	no data was received immediately upon connection

2.2.0 November 23, 2005
* Blocking Send method now really blocks and waits until all data has left
	local computer

2.1.9 September 13, 2005
* Add ExitStatus and ExitSignal properties

2.1.8 July 18, 2005
 There are few exception classes added, so no more System.Exceptions are thrown.
	Now we use more specific exceptions you can catch with your code.

2.1.7 May 25, 2005
* FingerPrintArgs (available in Fingerprint event) now has two more 
	properties: PublicKeySSH and PublicKeyOpenSSH, that contain public
	key of the server in those two formats

2.1.6 March 15, 2005
* Fix in 'index out of array bounds' problem that happened in Waitfor/Execute 
	methods, and possibly if Prompt property was used

2.1.5 January 17, 2005
* Fix in Telnet protocol when only Login was specified. If server did not
	require password, wodSSH.NET would hang until timeout expires
	(it was waiting for 'Password:' prompt that never arrived)

2.1.4 December 17, 2004
* Fix in Disconnect method. When exception was generated and not handled
	by your code, eventual call to Disconnect method would throw that
	exception immediately - instead of closing connection. This could
	leave some timers still functional even if you destroyed component. 
	Now wodSSH.NET may throw that exception in Disconnect method, but 
	will clear it out immediately, allowing your subsequent call to 
	Disconnect method to succeed and close the connection

2.1.3 December 16, 2004
* FingerPrint event did not honor Args.Accept = false setting, and did
	proceed with connection even you set fingerprint as invalid

2.1.2 December 10, 2004
* Fix in error reported when remote server was SSH1 and Protocol was
	set to SSH2
* Fix in Telnet protocol that could hung sometimes in telnet-option
* Fix in Telnet protocol that reported 'index out of bounds' error
	while negotiating telnet-options

2.1.1 November 18, 2004
* Fix in Telnet protocol in Blocking mode when password was invalid, 
	exception was thrown in another thread so it couldn't be
	caught by your application

2.1.0 November 5, 2004
* Support for regular expressions in Prompt property, and 
	in WaitFor and Execute methods.

2.0.3 October 30, 2004
* Fix in Peek method that returned exception if one was generated before calling
	Peek (so, for example, if Receive failed and you tried to Peek
	data, it faild to do so)
* Changed version numbering. Last part of version now removed as build number

---- old version numbering October 7, 2004
* Fix in KeepAlives in Telnet mode that sent invalid KeepAlive character
* Port property is now integer value instead of short value August 26, 2004
* Fix in SSH2 protocol when banner message incorrectly had 4 bytes
	prepended to banner text August 13, 2004
* Fix in SSH protocol when Command property was set, and sometimes 
	wodSSH.NET closed connection before all data arrived back
* Fix in Dns.Resolve method call that caused wodSFTP.NET to wait
	with connection due to slow hostname->IP resolving
* wodKeyManager.NET improved with ability to import Putty, VanDyke,
	F-Secure and SSH.COM private keys June 4, 2004
* Add Peek, PeekData, PeekLine, ReceiveLine and SendEOF methods April 22, 2004
* Add KeepAlives property to periodically send keep-alive packets to test
	if connection is still open
* wodSSH.NET and wodKeyManager.NET recompiled and distributed now with VS2003.
	If you get 'Assembly not found' error and you have older version
	of NET environment, please contact us back. April 6, 2004
* Fix in Blocking mode and Connect method unblocking too soon - while
	State was still Connecting February 17, 2004
* Fix in Waitfor/Execute methods that reported 
	'Index and count must refer to a location within the buffer'
	error in rare cases
* Fix in initial identification exchange that could return error
	'remote identification too long' even it was correct February 5, 2004
* Add support for OpenSSH's keep-alive protection through
	ClientAliveInterval config setting January 30, 2004
* Fix in exception that was thrown with no valid reason
	(Cannot access a disposed object named 
	"WeOnlyDo.Net.Sockets.ProxySocket") January 6, 2004
* Fix in initial identification exchange that could freze the component
	when some firewalls (such as Symantec Enterprise Firewall) returned
	incorrect response
* Add keyboard-interactive authentication through Password property as
	fallback solution December 20, 2003
* Add AllocatePty property December 18, 2003
* Fix with older servers that use MD5 hmac and caused wodSSH.NET
	to timeout while trying to connect December 1, 2003
* Fix when more than one instance of wodSSH.NET was used in same time 
	(in separate threads) and only one of them managed to connect 
	while other reported timeout error October 21, 2003
* Fix in StateChange event when OldState was always same as NewState October 14, 2003
* Fix in throwing exceptions - now exception will be thrown only 
	on main thread
* Add sample for public-key authentication
* wodKeyManager's Load method changed - now it returns loaded key type October 11, 2003
* Fix in Disconnect when socket was not closed and connection
	with the server remains open September 12, 2003
* Fix in blocking Waitfor/Execute methods that did not report error 
	when Prompt was not set. August 22, 2003
* Fix in key reexchange that caused component to drop the connection August 11, 2003
* Fix when Telnet and Blocking used together, and nothing was received
	even data was arriving from remote side June 18, 2003
* Fix in telnet protocol when exception was raised in WaitFor usage June 6, 2003
* Add WaitFor and Execute methods June 2, 2003
* Fix for Disconnected event that was not firing when tcp stack 
	reported connection closed for unknown reason
	(like cable unplugged) May 28, 2003
* Add Version property and About method May 26, 2003
* Add support for publickey authentication
* Included KeyManager.NET component into setup package May 19, 2003
* Add ForwardHost and ForwardPort properties for SSH tunneling May 18, 2003
* Add Proxy support

------------------------------------------------------------------- April 15, 2003
* Fix in Telnet options that caused problems with some old routers (SGA) March 29, 2003
* Fix in SSH1 and ASPX, where crypto framework could not be initalized February 7, 2003
* Fix in SSH1 for replaced Rows and Columns parameters January 7, 2003
* Fix for telnet echo problems
* Fix in telnet mode when rows and columns were specified but
	not dispatched to server correctly December 13, 2002
* Fix for large memory usage that simetimes occur
* Fix for using SSH2+RSA key exchange
* Fix for problems with loss of received data in telnet protocol December 5, 2002
* Add CryptoInformation event
* Add Rows and Columns properties November 24, 2002
* Fix for SSH1 protocol
* Add Telnet protocol
* Fix for SSH2 protocl and Bitvise WinSSHD October 18, 2002
* Fix for licensing issue when changes made for ASP.NET no more allowed
	users to test demo version in VStudio environment October 13, 2002
* Add new sample for ASP.NET
* Fix in blocking mode when Command property was specified and
	now data could be retrieved October 11, 2002
* Fix for large memory usage
* Better support for data flow messages August 11, 2002
* Support for older SSH servers with SHA1 keylen bug
* Fix for invalid timeouts that occured in blocking mode July 28, 2002
* Add About method
* Fix for blocking mode and timeouts July 15, 2002
* Better support for timeouts
* Change for Receive method in blocking mode, doesn't kill
	session if timeout expires
* Add About method June 16, 2002
* Add Blocking property
* Add console C# sample for Blocking property June 8, 2002
* Fix for SSH1 version reply (put 1.5 instead of 1.50)
* Fix for broken version reply string. If it was fragmented, 
	wodSSH.NET threw exception
* Licensing changes
* Add DebugFile property to dump debugging information for the client May 2, 2002
* Fix for error in identification exchange
* Changed 'Connected' event so that error is reported in it
* Added support for F-Secure SSHD
* Added TerminalType property release April 18, 2002
* Added support for SSH2 protocol and required ciphers
* Fixed bugs on SSH1 found during development of SSH2
* Added 'Prompt' property
* Added samples
* Changed installation file beta release April 14, 2002
* Beta Release