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wodSFTP ActiveX Component and COM object 

3.9.2 January 15, 2024
* Fix for Terrapin attacks (CVE-2023-48795) using strict KEX mode

3.9.1 February 14, 2022
* Support for ssh-ed25519

3.9.0 September 6, 2020
* Binaries now compiled in VS2019
* OpenSSL updated to 1.0.2u

3.8.8 August 30, 2019
* Fixed aes-cbc ciphers 

3.8.7 May 14, 2019
* Fix in 'no encryption algorithms' error even there is a match

3.8.6 March 15, 2019
* Fix in initial KEXINIT packet that was not blindly sent - caused some
	servers to "freeze" connection waiting for it to arrive

3.8.5 January 15, 2018
* Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2n

3.8.4 May 24, 2017
* Fix in 'Server signature does not match' when connecting to 'Reflection for Secure IT' server

3.8.3 November 30, 2016
* New HMAC algorithms 

3.8.2 April 30, 2016
* New key exchange algorithms diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha256 and 

3.8.1 December 10, 2015
* New properties KeySignatureList and KeyExchangeList

3.8.0 September 21, 2015
* EncryptionList and HMacList properties added
* Switched to OpenSSL 1.0.2

3.7.3 June 3, 2014
* Fix in DSA private key authentication that could fail even key is valid

3.7.2 April 19, 2014
* Download speed improvement, wodSFTP now does not send too many "in advance" for
	smaller files

3.7.1 March 29, 2014
* Fix in GetFileAt where size argument was ignored by wodSFTP

3.7.0 September 23, 2013
* Support for Elliptic curve cryptography
* Key exchange algorithms ecdh-sha2-nistp256,ecdh-sha2-nistp384,ecdh-sha2-nistp521
* Signature algorithm ecdsa-sha2-nistp256,ecdsa-sha2-nistp384,ecdsa-sha2-nistp521
* MAC algorithms hmac-sha2-256,hmac-sha2-512

3.6.4 July 10, 2013
* encAEScbc and encAESctr enumeration added to support specific AES chainings

3.6.3 June 11, 2013
* Fixed downloads when Resume was set to True

3.6.2 March 14, 2013
* Significant SFTP upload and download speed increase

3.6.1 November 25, 2012
* New proxy type ProxyWEBIntegratedAuth that uses NTLM with credentials of 
	currently logged on user over HTTP proxy

3.6.0 June 29, 2011
* Significant SFTP download speed increase

3.5.5 April 4, 2011
* Fixed potential crash under heavy load when Disconnect method was
	called inside component's event
* KeepAlives property

3.5.4 December 29, 2010
* Fix in ExtendedCmd call when blocking mode is used and function returns
	too soon, so future method calls return strange error

3.5.3 July 20, 2010
* Support for aes128-ctr, aes192-ctr, aes256-ctr encryption algorithms

3.5.2 February 12, 2010
* Fixed possible access violation with WS_FTP server in ListDir/ListNames

3.5.1 January 21, 2010
* Distribution now contains x86 and x64 binaries

3.5.0 November 12, 2009
* FIPS 140-2 enabled library can now be specified as external DLL, 
	through FIPS property. This way your application can switch
	to "on demand FIPS" just by specifying different library. 
* Binaries are from now on recompiled in VS 2008

3.4.1 September 17, 2009
* Fixes possible access violation error in RemoteRead method

3.4.0 August 13, 2009
* Kerberos authentication (GSS-API) added to the list
	of supported authentications. Both MIT KfW and SSPI providers
	are implemented

3.3.4 August 2, 2009
* New property TransferRate that returns current transfer speed
* New property TransferTime that returns duration of the file transfer

3.3.3 July 14, 2009
* Fixed possible crash (access violation) when connecting to 
	mod_sftp service

3.3.2 May 12, 2009
* Fix in SFTP protocol, if Resume was set during uploading, and only
	remote directory was specified, wodSFTP created 0 byte file

3.3.1 January 12, 2009
* Fix in RemoteOpen which caused error to be returned in Delphi. Now Type 
	defaults to VbString (8)

3.3.0 September 18, 2008
* Added support for SSH_FXP_EXTENDED packets
* New method ExtendedCmd
* New event ExtendedCmdReply
* New property Extensions

3.2.4 May 26, 2008
* Added workaround for misconfigured SFTP servers to try to start 
	SFTP even if SFTP subsystem doesn't exist

3.2.3 March 10, 2008
* Fix for file not being closed if wodSFTP got disconnected during file transfer

3.2.2 January 15, 2008
* New MaxTransferRate property can limit total upload/download speed

3.2.1 August 23, 2007
* Fix for server that don't provide information about remote file size,
	so download failed. Now download will work but progress
	event will not show correct information (since 'Total' is unknown)

3.2.0 May 20, 2007
* Support for direct remote file access, through new methods
	RemoteRead, RemoteWrite, RemoteOpen, RemoteClose

3.1.1 March 22, 2007
* IPv6 support added

3.1.0 February 10, 2007
* Switched to OpenSSL 0.9.7 which is FIPS140-2 certificated. See certificate #733 at

3.0.7 January 26, 2007
* Fixed bug with VShell when invalid password was used, but wodSFTP did not
	report it - just closed the connection with no errors

3.0.6 November 20, 2006
* Progress event now fires correctly while uploading files

3.0.5 October 4, 2006
* Fix in ListDir method that could generate access violation if remote system
	had files that were really old (before 1970)

3.0.4 June 10, 2006
* Fix in key regeneration that occurs usualy after 1GB and causes wodSFTP
	to close the connection

3.0.3 February 16, 2006
* Fix in blocking GetFiles call that caused Stack Overflow Error
* Fix with Tectia server that reported 'invalid FXP_ATTR' response when
	wodSFTP was used from ASP

3.0.2 January 26, 2006
* Fix in ListDir that sometimes shown incorrect number of items with 
	garbled names (due to extended attributes not being handled by wodSFTP)

3.0.1 November 23, 2005
* Interface change in API version. GetDataToBuffer and GetDataToBufferAt functions
	now accept last argument as int *

3.0.0 November 3, 2005
* Implemented support for multiple file uploads and downloads, recursion allowed
	Add methods GetFiles, PutFiles, DeleteFiles, LoopFiles
	Add events LoopItem, LoopError

---- new major version release

2.2.3 July 20, 2005
* Added support for NTLM authenticated proxy to be used (mostly) with ISA servers

2.2.2 February 16, 2005
* Upload speed increase

2.2.1 October 24, 2004
* Changed version numbering. Last part of version now removed as build number

---- old version numbering October 5, 2004
* Add workaround for older SSH.COM servers that failed to authenticate user
	with valid DSA private key September 8, 2004
* PutData method now supports binary data August 11, 2004
* Fix for 'Component was busy and got disconnected' error that occured
	when more than one instance was used
* Add new VC MFC sample that uses COM object instead of OCX
* wodKeys improved, now it can import F-Secure and SSH.COM private keys July 23, 2004
* Fix when BufferSize was set to more than 32K, some newer SSH
	servers (such as Tectia 4.1) returned 'bad message'
	or 'component was busy and got disconnected' error June 21, 2004
* Add PutFileAt, GetFileAt, PutDataAt and GetDataAt methods for 
	accessing only parts of remote files, at any file position June 16, 2004
* Add PutDataLen and AppendDataLen to the API library so fixed-size 
	binary data chunks can be sent to the server May 22, 2004
* wodKeys updated to support NET XML structure for saving/loading keys, 
	added FromXmlString and ToXmlString methods
* Fix in Connect method. If it returned error (such as 'Host not found')
	state was still at 'Connecting', instead of 'Disconnected' May 4, 2004
* Add AppendFile and AppendData methods April 17, 2004
* Add Timezone property so you can decide if you want dates to be shown
	in local or UTC timezone
* Fix in SftpItem.ModificationTime and SftpItem.AccessTime that were
	showing invalid dates (or returned an error) February 18, 2004
* Significant upload speed increase (up to 3 times in some tests) February 14, 2004
* wodKeys component can now load keys from PFX files (PKCS#12 format)
* Sftp_LoadPrivateKey can also read many other format than PEM, such as
	Putty generated keys, VanDyke, PFX.... directly - without
	need for keys to load/save with wodKeys first January 22, 2004
* Fix in GetFile call when local path was set UNC path, and 
	wodSFTP reported with 'Path not found' even path was valid
* Fix in Socks4/Socks4a proxies that did not work with some proxy
	servers. It was wodSFTP's fault - it sent one byte too much
	on initial proxy connection negotiation January 20, 2004
* Add LoginChallenge event to support Keyboard-Interactive 
	authentication and possible challenge expressions sent 
	by the server
* Add CAST128 algorithm at the list of supported ciphers December 28, 2003
* Add ListAttributes method and AttributesData event. Now you can get
	structured directory list from the server, instead of using
	ListDir and then parsing it November 29, 2003
* Add support for keyboard-interactive authentication October 27, 2003
* Fix in socket close API call that causes error
	'invalid handle' to be reported to 
	3rd party debug tools
* Fix in wodSftpDLL and Sftp_GetPrivateKey that was returning
	empty buffers, instead of the private key October 8, 2003
* Improved speed in SSH system negotiation exchange September 18, 2003
* Improvement in greetings exchange. Now wodSFTP accepts 'unusual'
	greetings from the server, such as restriction banners,
	license agreements etc. September 8, 2003
* Fix in GetData and PutData in blocking mode - if error occurred it 
	was not reported back to caller
* Add DES support (as last negotiated option) July 22, 2003
* Fix in firing events when some events could execute larger amount
	of time (such as HostFingerprint waiting for user input) July 19, 2003
* Add RemoteIdentification property July 1, 2003
* Fix VB IDE crash that could occur if stopped from within Done event
* Add VB sample that shows how to implement multi GET and PUT commands June 7, 2003
* Add Fast Notifications support - 30 times faster than firing events
	(only for COM object, not ActiveX control or Win32DLL)
* Add Notification property
* Add sample that implement new IwodSFTPNotify interface
* Updated docs to reflect wodSFTP improvements June 3, 2003
* Fix in wodKeys when SAFEARRAY was used to get/put private/public key
* Fix in error numbers when using Sftp_LoadPrivateKey function May 7, 2003
* Fix where Resume=True fails if local file does not exist
* Fix where ListItem property is cleared on all calls that could
	use it (it was not cleared in case of the error)
* wodKeys improved with ability to read Vandyke generated keys
	(only non-encrypted keys, read only, no support, provided AS-IS)
	(to make non-encrypted key, just change its passphrase) 
	(to empty one, from Vandyke software you use) April 25, 2003
* wodKeys improved with ability to read Putty generated keys 
	(only reads them, does not check if they are valid) April 15, 2003
* More localtime->GMT conversion fixes March 17, 2003
* Fix in SetAttributes and invalid remote dates due to 
	LocalTime->GMT conversions March 7, 2003
* Fix for invalid uploads (remote size = 0) when local file
	is locked. Now wodSFTP generates an error March 1, 2003
* Add support for file sizes larger than 4.2gb (int64 values)
* Internal code cleanup
* AES192 was moved to be primary cipher, instead of AES128
	(only when protocol is set to auto) February 27, 2003
* Fix for invalid hostname problem that reported no error 
	(introduced with proxy support) February 18, 2003
* Fix for timeout problem that occured when received packet was 
	only few bytes small - smaller than regular SFTP packet February 13, 2003
* Fix for small memory leak
* Fix for Proxy::Connect method
* Fix in CryptoInformation event that didn't show selected algorithms
* Change in compression property - now it will be internally set to 0 when
	compression is disabled
* Fix in SftpDLL LoadPrivateKey function that could lead to GPF under some
	circumstances. Same change applied to wodKeys:Load private key February 9, 2003
* Fix for key reexchange that caused GPF with some servers February 7, 2003
* Add support for SOCKS4a proxy
* Fix for SSH Comm. 2.3.0 server and 30015 error February 3, 2003
* Add support for compression
* Add support for proxies

------------------------------------------------------------------- January 28, 2003
* Fix for '30011 protocol error' that happened rare on FreeBSD
* Fix in SftpDLL in Sftp_LoadPrivateKey when component was
	unable to read key protected with the password January 13, 2003
* Fix for problems with upload on some servers
	where remote size was smaller than local January 1, 2003
* Fix for remote disconnection during upload
* Fix for invalid progress indicator during upload December 18, 2002
* Better blocking mode support December 13, 2002
* Add ServerErrorCode and ServerErrorText properties November 27, 2002
* Better support for multiple threads environment in blocking mode
* Fix in DLL win32 library for setting attributes November 18, 2002
* Add Abort method that aborts current transfer
* Add BufferSize property that determines size of incoming
	and outgoing packets November 6, 2002
* Add LastError property that holds last error returned by any method
* Add ErrorText property that returns string representation of some error
* Add Tag property for win32 DLL version to store misc value November 1, 2002
* Support for files larger than 2.1GB
* Support for SecurID authentication (provided AS IS since no 
	official specification was released)
* Fix for ListDir in blocking mode which caused next method to return
	without error set - even if error might occur October 20, 2002
* Fix for timezone problems when retriving and setting attributes that
	relate to date conversion. October 17, 2002
* Fix for very rare bug in random number generator, that caused GPF
	on *some* NT4 based systems October 7, 2002
* PrivateKey property is now VARIANT, supports BSTR (String) as before,
	but now also SAFEARRAY VT_UI1 (byte array) and 
	LPDISPACH IKeys (Keys object) directly
* Add CryptoInformation event that shows basic cryptographic information
	about current connection with the server
* Updated error list
* Add Sftp_LoadPrivateKey function for Win32DLL version (ActiveX users already
	have such method in Keys object).

--------- WARNING: INTERFACE CHANGED ----------- September 25, 2002
* Fix to support SSH (non)commercial server that has SIGNATURE bug
	(for example SSH-1.99-2.0.13 (non-commercial)) September 19, 2002
* Add ListNames method that lists only names, not full information
	about specified directory.
* Internal structure changes to support Win32 DLL version also. August 30, 2002
* Fix in blocking GetAttributes
* Fix for internal packet length handling
* Fix to support Bitvise SSHD August 26, 2002
* Add GetFile and PutFile methods August 14, 2002
* Add SetAttributes method
* Added support in KeyPair module for "SSH PRIVATE KEY FILE FORMAT 1.1"
* Updated OpenSSL reference to 0.9.6e July 26, 2002
* Fix for TransferMode=Ascii upload, when remote file had 'holes'
	due to bad file positioning in each new packet sent July 19, 2002
* Add new errors to helpfile
* Fix for Resume=True behaviour when downloading
* Fix for file locking when component is disconnected during file transfer June 29, 2002
* Better support for IIS and ASP pages in blocking mode. wodSFTP doesn't
	temporary freeze anymore after first 'Connect'
* Better support for error messages. 'OS didn't provide error description' 
	message shouldn't be shown that often anymore June 20, 2002
* Fix of one small bug that caused MAJOR problems. While adding PublicKey
	authentication, there was possibility for password authentication
	to fail and cause GPF.
* Fix for problems in blocking mode when new connection was initiated
	immidiatelly after last one failed (error -1 occured).
* Add two more separate errors. June 15, 2002
* Support for PublicKey authentication
* Add new sample for PublicKey authentication
* Included wodKeys object for key management
* Fixed Attribute event and DATE type variables May 28, 2002
* Better support for large directory listings
* Fixed one memory leak
* Add support for errors during PutFile and GetFile when file doesn't exist
* Add support for 'Component busy' error. Now if you get disconnected 
	during upload/download you will receive an error as indicator.
* Add support for SHA1 HMAC bug for some versions of SSH servers.
* Fix for VB5 problems when some error was shown and after that GPF occured on exit.
	This was minor bug in FormatMessage API call
* Fix for Timeout when set to 0 component was disconnecting immidiatelly. 
	Now it never timeouts if set to 0. May 16, 2002
* Increased buffer sizes to make file transfers faster
* Add support for VanDyke SFTP server
* Add ssh-rsa key exchange
* Changed way of handling window_adjust messages May 11, 2002
* Add 3 more specific encryption methods - AES128, AES192 and AES256 
	(AES still exists and is automatic)
* Fix for some server-specific packets 
* Add few more samples (ASP, VC, Blocking mode)
* Fix few memory leaks
* Add readonly ListItem property that holds last value fired 
	through ListItems and Attributes events
* Fix for GetFile when file was saved one directory above specified April 29, 2002
* Fix to support F-Secure SSHD
* Fix to support receiving of very large packets from server 
	(GPF occured in previous version because of this) April 21, 2002
* Add one more sample (Automated upload and download)
* Fix when file was truncated even 'Resume' property was set to True
* fix when file was not resumed if length was smaller than 2048 bytes
* Fix when 'component busy' error was fired after GetAttributes method was called March 13, 2002
* Fix for PutFile if filename was specified and didn't exist on the server 
	(error returned by the server)
* Added TransferMode (Binary, AscII) property March 8, 2002
* Initial Release