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wodSFTP.NET Component

3.5.1 August 16, 2018
* Elliptic curve key exchange support in NET40 version of the DLL
* Support for ecdh-sha2-nistp256 and ecdh-sha2-nistp384

3.5.0 February 2, 2018
* KeyExchangeList property added
* New cipher chacha20-poly1305@openssh.com (warning - managed C# 
	implementation, could be much slower than other choices)

3.4.9 September 27, 2015
* EncryptionList and HMacList properties added
* MAC algorithms hmac-sha2-256,hmac-sha2-512

3.4.8 February 5, 2015
* diffie-hellman-group14-sha1 is now added to the list of supported
	key exchange algorithms

3.4.7 April 2, 2014
* Key re-exchange fix

3.4.6 October 3, 2013
* ConnectedArgs now has a Banner string member who provides
	a banner text. 

3.4.5 April 8, 2013
* Fixed upload problem with GlobalScape server when upload was
	performed in root directory
3.4.4 November 21, 2012
* Fixed GetFile call when local stream was used instead of file
* Component is now compiled in VS2008

3.4.3 May 17, 2012
* Added automatic call to RealPath to set up inital RemotePath on connect

3.4.2 February 12, 2012
* Fix in IPv6 address resolving

3.4.1 July 20, 2010
* Support for aes128-ctr, aes192-ctr, aes256-ctr encryption algorithms

3.4.0 April 23, 2010
* No changes in the DLL code
* Obfuscator changed to support VS2010

3.3.8 February 19, 2010
* Fix for file remain locked on socket disconnect

3.3.7 October 1, 2009
* Fix in Password decoding when non-english characters were used. 
	Authentication error was reported because ASCII decoding
	was used instead of system default one.

3.3.6 September 3, 2009
* New property MaxTransferRate that limits upload/download speed

3.3.5 August 2, 2009
* New property TransferRate that returns current transfer speed
* New property TransferTime that returns duration of the file transfer

3.3.4 June 10, 2009
* Fix in selection of encryption when only aes256-cbc was supported
	by the server

3.3.3 May 12, 2009
* Fix in SFTP protocol, if Resume was set during uploading, and only
	remote directory was specified, wodSFTP.NET created 0 byte file

3.3.2 February 4, 2009
* Fix in GetFile when Abort was used. Download was slower afterwards,
	and Done event was not fired at some occasions.

3.3.1 November 1, 2008
* Added BufferSize property

3.3.0 August 29, 2008
* Component is now compiled in VS2005

3.2.5 April 14, 2008
* Improved detection of remote server's character encoding

3.2.4 March 10, 2008
* Fix for file not being closed if wodSFTP.NET got disconnected 
	during file transfer

3.2.3 January 10, 2008
* Blowfish protocol fix

3.2.2 November 9, 2007
* Fixed problem with Mocana SSH servers during initial SSH exchange

3.2.1 October 1, 2007
* Compression support

3.1.2 August 23, 2007
* Fix for servers that don't provide information about remote file size,
	so download failed. Now download will work but progress
	event will not show correct information (since 'Total' is unknown)

3.1.1 July 3, 2007
* Fixes high memory usage when downloading large files

3.1.0 May 29, 2007
* Support for direct remote file access, through new methods
	RemoteRead, RemoteWrite, RemoteOpen, RemoteClose
* SFTPStream implementation, to access remote files as regular Streams

3.0.7 March 23, 2007
* IPv6 support

3.0.6 September 6, 2006
* Improves file upload/download speed

3.0.5 July 5, 2006
* Improves wodSFTP's memory usage

3.0.4 January 27, 2006
* Fix in ListDir that sometimes shown incorrect number of items with 
	garbled names (due to extended attributes not being handled by wodSFTP)

3.0.3 January 22, 2006
* Fix in LoopItem event where setting Args.Skip had no affect in wodSFTP.NET execution
3.0.2 December 23, 2005
* PutFile method failed to work when local stream was used, and RemotePath argument
	was pointing only to a directory name, not the filename. Now Exception
	will be thrown when something like this happens

3.0.1 December 7, 2005
* Fix in AttributesData event that failed to show large file sizes correctly

3.0.0 November 10, 2005
* Implemented support for multiple file uploads and downloads, recursion allowed
	Add methods GetFiles, PutFiles, DeleteFiles, LoopFiles
	Add events LoopItem, LoopError

2.1.1 July 3, 2005
* There are few exception classes added, so no more System.Exceptions are thrown.
	Now we use more specific exceptions you can catch with your code.

2.0.7 May 18, 2005
* When PutFile was used with local stream, exception was thrown
	when end of the stream was reached, even file was uploaded correctly
* If PutFile failed, local file remained locked

2.0.6 March 15, 2005
* Unicode names are now accepted

2.0.5 February 17, 2005
* SFTP upload speed increase

2.0.4 December 16, 2004
* FingerPrint event did not honor Args.Accept = false setting, and did
	proceed with connection even you set fingerprint as invalid

2.0.3 November 14, 2004
* Changed version numbering. Last part of version now removed as build number

---- old version numbering October 5, 2004
* Add workaround for older SSH.COM servers that failed to authenticate user
	with valid DSA private key August 13, 2004
* Fix in Dns.Resolve method call that caused wodSFTP.NET to wait
	with connection due to slow hostname->IP resolving
* wodKeyManager.NET improved with ability to import Putty, VanDyke,
	F-Secure and SSH.COM private keys March 21, 2004
* Fix in downloads when Resume = True, and wodSFTP.NET downloads
	remainding of remote file, but from zero-position on 
	local side March 13, 2004
* Add AppendFile method
* Fix when connection failed in blocking mode if remote server 
	wanted to show banner before validating login/password March 6, 2004
* Fix when WinSSHD server was used and component refused to connect
	after initial handshake was performed February 20, 2004
* Fix for blocking mode. If during 'connecting' state remote host
	closes connection, wodSFTP.NET freezes February 16, 2004
* Fix in initial identification exchange that could return error
	'remote identification too long' even it was correct February 5, 2004
* Add RemoteIdentification property and CryptoInformation event
* AttributesDataArgs now hold ModificationTime and AccessTime
	properties converted to time (from UTC as used in SFTP)
* Add support for OpenSSH's keep-alive protection through
	ClientAliveInterval config setting January 15, 2004
* Add ListAttributes method to retrieve structured listing of 
	the remote directory
* Add AttributesDataEvent that provides structured listing of remote
	directory December 18, 2003
* Add support for keyboard-interactive authentication through Password
	property. If password authentication fails, wodSFTP.NET will
	now try to fallback to keyboard-interactive, sending each line
	of 'password' property as one response. 
* Fix with older servers that use MD5 hmac and caused wodSFTP.NET
	to timeout while trying to connect December 12, 2003
* Fix in ListDir and ListNames when stream was use for local storage,
	and exception 'closed stream' was reported November 28, 2003
* Fix when banner was shown by remote side which caused component to 
	close the connection for invalid packets October 31, 2003
* Port property is now integer (was short) so higher port ranges
	can be specified October 22, 2003
* Fix in blocking mode when main thread was unblocked before
	states were changed to final values and before events
	were fired - which could lead to unexpected results
* Fix in internal exception catching which could cause component to 
	freeze when connection is lost September 10, 2003
* Add sample for public-key authentication
* wodKeyManager's Load method changed - now it returns loaded key type
* wodSFTP.NET component is not changed in this release September 5, 2003
* Add Abort method
* Fix in GetFile when Resume = True which failed if local file
	did not already exist
* Fix in ListNames where / was not correctly appened to directories August 22, 2003
* Fix of timeout that could occur too soon August 21, 2003
* Fix in key reexchange that caused component to drop the connection July 15, 2003
* Fix in GetFile and PutFile when stream was used instead of filename,
	now stream is not closed (and not disposed) by wodSFTP.NET June 6, 2003
* Change in algorithm negotiation so that the connection with
	SSH 2.3.2 works properly May 28, 2003
* Add Version property and About method May 27, 2003
* Add support for publickey authentication
* Included KeyManager.NET component into setup package May 18, 2003
* Add Proxy support

------------------------------------------------------------------- May 6, 2003
* Add ListNames method May 1, 2003
* Fix event argument 'Sender' that was not of WeOnlyDo.Client.SFTP type
* Add VC7 sample April 29, 2003
* Fix in Connect which did not return in some scenarios April 5, 2003
* Change in DisconnectedEvent, where System.EventArgs is replaced with
	ConnectedArgs, so potential disconnection error can be provided
	(such as Timeout exception) March 27, 2003
* More changes to ASP.NET licensing
* Changed Strong Key used for signing
* Fix in Connect when remote server was not accepting connections,
	no error was reported March 25, 2003
* Improved licensing so that DEMO version can be used in ASP.NET
* Add new sample for ASP.NET March 24, 2003
* Fix when local file was still locked after upload was finished February 28, 2003
* Fix for problems where exceptions couldn't be caught
	in blocking mode February 7, 2003
* Fix problems with WinSSHD server January 13, 2003
* Fixes blocking mode problems with MakeDir method August 22, 2002
* Add SetAttributes method for setting file or directory attributes August 17, 2002
* Retail version shipped non-obfuscated due to memory leak
	problems caused by obfuscator used August 11, 2002
* Fix for large memory usage on multiple ListDir calls
* Support for older SSH servers with SHA1 keylen bug
* Fix for ASCII tranfer where files on server had 'holes' 
	due to different repositioning
* Fix for reading/writing of streams 
	for ListDir, GetFile, PutFile July 18, 2002
* Better support in blocking mode
* Fix for inconsistent ListDir method
* Better support for internal packet handling Initial release April 14, 2002
* Initial release