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wodHttpDLX ActiveX Component and COM object

1.9.5 May 5, 2021
* Fix when Done event was not fired on subsequent requests, if initial request failed
	with connection failure

1.9.4 August 31, 2020
* Binaries now compiled in VS2019
* OpenSSL updated to 1.0.2u
* New properties in Response object: BodyLength, BytesReceivedHeaders, BytesReceivedBody

1.9.3 June 2, 2020
* Fix in importing Windows certificates which caused expired certificates
	to be imported and used, causing 'certificate expire' errors

1.9.2 June 26, 2018
* New property SSLCipherList to allow override of encryption algorithms

1.9.1 January 18, 2018
* Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2n

1.9.0 April 20, 2015
* Support for TLS1.1 and TLS1.2
* Switched to OpenSSL 1.0.2 version

1.8.7 February 25, 2015
* Temporary memory certificate store is created with all intermediate
	certs filled in. Requires wodCertificate.dll

1.8.6 February 18, 2015
* Fix in sending cookies where quotes were lost when request was sent

1.8.5 December 8, 2014
* Support for SSL SNI when connecting to SNI enabled servers

1.8.4 May 27, 2014
* zlib decompression support (together with existing deflate and gzip)

1.8.3 February 1, 2014
* Fix in AuthAutomatic where basic authentication was
	not sent when requested by the server

1.8.2 May 15, 2013
* Too many redirections error (30048) added when there
	are too many Redirect responses

1.8.1 April 9, 2013
* Request and Response objects now contain Charset property, so
	you cna define your own charset for accessing the Body

1.8.0 March 19, 2013
* Body now uses UTF8 encoding when converting to BSTR in your 
	development environment
1.7.9 February 22, 2013
* Fixed access violation in x64 version of wodHttpDLX on startup

1.7.8 April 24, 2012
* Fix in Digest Authentication that sent too large requests after
	several hundred requests

1.7.7 January 25, 2012
* Fix in FormUpload that overwritten previous Add/AddFile entries

1.7.6 December 5, 2011
* Support for unicode names in files to be uploaded

1.7.5 September 5, 2011
* Fix in AuthAutomatic when PUT was made and basic authentication
	sent only partial data

1.7.4 June 20, 2011
* Support for NTLM Windows Integrated authentication (login 
	as current user without providing username/password)

1.7.3 December 15, 2010
* Removed # char from URL when sending request to the server

1.7.2 March 11, 2010
* Fix in component waiting for response even server sent 204 (No content)

1.7.1 January 22, 2010
* Distribution now contains x86 and x64 binaries

1.7.0 November 19, 2009
* Binaries are now compiled in VS 2008

1.6.4 July 19, 2009
* Fix in 'deflate' compression

1.6.3 April 29, 2009
* Fix in invalid detection of compressed response. Component tried to 
	decompress even it didn't recognize (valid) compressor

1.6.2 March 25, 2009
* Adding new header with empty value ("") will force wodHttpDLX not to 
	send that header, and not to auto-add it (such as Host header)

1.6.1 January 12, 2009
* Fix in SSL proxy when connection is established manually

1.6.0 September 29, 2008
* Random number initialization replaced with MS CryptoAPI implementation. 
	This will fix 'freeze of first run' problem.

1.5.9 June 5, 2008
* Fixed an issue with ProxyPort property returning a negative number

1.5.8 March 27, 2008
* Proxy was ignored when IP address was used in URL instead of host name

1.5.7 January 20, 2008
* Fix in setting Hostname or Secure property while state was connected. Error
	was reported even value was not changed while accessing the property

1.5.6 November 6, 2007
* User-Agent header is now sent in ProxyWEBStandard proxy type request, 
	if header is specified in Request.Headers or Request.UserAgent

1.5.5 October 11, 2007
* Fixes problems in Request.FormPost.Add method when large string was used

1.5.4 June 26, 2007
* Fixes special case when AutoRedirect = True and Resume = True. If first response
	was insignificant (and component automatically redirected/retried)
	begin of Response.Body was destroyed with data from previous response

1.5.3 May 29, 2007
* Fixes problem of Done event not being fired when Content-Length header was
	sent with value 0

1.5.2 March 22, 2007
* IPv6 support added

1.5.1 March 13, 2007
* Fix in NTLM authentication, introduced in 1.5.0 due to changes in DES handling 
	of OpenSSL 0.9.7

1.5.0 February 10, 2007
* Switched to OpenSSL 0.9.7 which is FIPS140-2 certificated. See certificate #733 at

1.4.9 January 6, 2007
* Add Response.RemoteIP property

1.4.8 November 24, 2006
* Fix in NTLM authentication

1.4.7 October 23, 2006
* Fix in HTTPS protocol that always used SSL23 no matter what was
	Secure property value

1.4.6 August 24, 2006
* Fix for incomplete response at the moment when Done event is fired. Due
	to some cacheing issues, response file isn't closed yet, so 
	it appears to be incomplete

1.4.5 August 1, 2006
* Fix for WebMarshall proxy server when wodHttpDLX wouldn't authenticate
1.4.4 April 4, 2006
* Fix for timeouts, when IIS6 was used with compression, component received
	full response but didn't fire done event until timeout expired,
	under some special circumstances

1.4.3 March 27, 2006
* Fix for "missing timeouts" when component forgot to timeout after
	several minutes of being idle, even Timeout property was 
	set to much lower value

1.4.2 March 15, 2006
* Fix when response was chunked and compressed, wodHttpDLX failed to 
	decompress it properly

1.4.1 March 7, 2006
* When wodHttpDLX detects socket error before full content was received,
	error is shown in Done event too (before it was only 
	in Disconnected event)

1.4.0 January 9, 2006
* Fix when Compression was used and remote server used chunked transfer

1.3.9 November 30, 2005
* Connect method now resolves hostnames in the background, so it doesn't
	block your thread during that time anymore

1.3.8 September 30, 2005
* New proxy type ProxyWindows added. When set, wodHttpDLX will use same values
	for proxy as defined in Internet Explorer

1.3.7 August 21, 2005
* ~ is now considiered as 'safe' character in URL

1.3.6 June 23, 2005
* Fix in SSL when ProxyWEBStandard was used. If you didn't set AutoRedirect=true,
	request was never actually sent to the server

1.3.5 April 15, 2005
* Fixes problem in SSL mode that sometimes ignored that socket was closed
	so eventualy timeout expired - even page was received successfuly

1.3.4 March 2, 2005
* Fix in cookie handling that lost some of attributes (such as Secure)
* Fix in possible bug in Referer, UserAgent... properties that sometimes
	did not actually fill appropriate headers

1.3.3 January 20, 2005
* Fix in Get/Put/Post method which didn't return error when URL was invalid
* Fix in response parsing code that reported error if server didn't send
	text description of response code (even it sent numeric one)
* Fix in sending Cookie header more than once

1.3.2 November 21, 2004
* NTLM authentication is improved. Now servers that don't use UNICODE
	are also supported (such as squid-ntlm)
* Add support for non-http (and non-https) protocol when ProxyWEBStandard
	proxy is used. Since requests are passed to the proxy - wodHttpDLX
	doesn't really care what protocol is used

1.3.1 October 21, 2004
* Fixed crash that occurred in VB IDE while page was being retrieved
* Changed version numbering. Last part of version now removed as build number

---- old version numbering October 18, 2004
* AutoRedirect property stopped working due to some internal changes in the code.
	Fixed. October 12, 2004
* Add CertErrors and IgnoreCertErrors properties to be used in environments
	where events (HostCertificate) are unavailable October 6, 2004
* Fix in Body property which returned pages missing last character
* Fix when Response.Filename was set after HeadersDone and wasn't truncated before
	response was written to it September 13, 2004
* Add improved compression support - server can now return responses compressed
	with GZip and ZLib methods, wodHttpDLX will automaticaly decompress
* Add Resume support through partial content responses
* Add Redirect event that fires before auto-redirection occurs September 6, 2004
* Fix in Blocking mode when authenticated ProxyWEBStandard proxy was used,
	and AutoRedirect was set - component "unblocked" too soon returning
	to the caller without any response August 19, 2004
* Fix in memory leak in Request.FormPost collection
* Fix in Abort method if called immediately after GET/POST...
* Binary data is now allowed in headers - to be used in FormPost July 22, 2004
* Add Abort method for aborting ongoing requests
* Add UNICODE support in URLs for Arabic languages
* Fix in Cookies collection that reported no items after subsequent requests June 28, 2004
* Fix in Connect method call when Proxy and SSL was used, Connected event 
	was fired too early, so subsequent calls to Get/Post/... returned
	'component busy' error June 16, 2004
* Fix when proxy was set to ProxyWebStandard and secure connections were used,
	component failed to establish SSL layer under certain conditions May 24, 2004
* Fix when server returned 301 response, and auto-redirection was enabled. If
	server returned URI without full path, wodHttpDLX sent invalid
	request back to server for following redirection May 5, 2004
* Fix in blocking mode when crash occured because server closed socket
	too soon April 14, 2004
* Fix in NTLM proxy authentication that failed to authenticate 
	on 2nd GET/POST/... request when same wodHttpDLX instance was used March 18, 2004
* Fix in Response object where received file was always deleted after Done
	was fired. Now if you set Response.Filename, it will not be deleted March 3, 2004
* Fix in SSL/TLS protocol when body was missing last few bytes due to
	unexpected (but still valid) socket disconnection February 25, 2004
* Add LocalCertBag property to be used in ASP (when certificates from
	windows certificate store are not accessible)
* wodCertificate now has Export and Import methods February 18, 2004
* Fix in 'invalid response' error that was shown when server did not
	send string expression of status code (i.e. 200 OK), just numerical January 26, 2004
* Better support for authentication both for the proxy and web host
* Fix for Cookies that were not copied to new request when
	auto redirection occured
* AutoRedirect property now defaults to 'True'
* wodCertificate can now load certificates and keys from PKCS12 PFX files January 19, 2004
* Add better support for Cookies, through the collection exposed
	in Request and Response object
* Add Digest authentication support
* Collection now supports enumerations through ForEach 
	statement in VB January 10, 2004
* Fix in NTLM authentication when authentication data was not 
	terminated correctly October 19, 2003
* Fix in SSL protocol and client authentication October 4, 2003
* Improved speed of SSL initialization
* Add request properties: Accept, AcceptEncoding, AcceptLanguage,
	UserAgent, Referer, Pragma, IfModifiedSince
* Add response properties: Date, Server, LastModified, ContentType,
	ContentTransferEncoding, ContentEncoding, Expires August 21, 2003
* Fix in auto redirection where cookies were not sent correctly August 19, 2003
* Add DebugFile property for debugging purposes June 21, 2003
* Add HTMLParser component to the package for easy parsing of
	HTML documents
* Add samples and helpfile for HTML parser June 15, 2003
* Fix problem that occured for small internal buffer size in 
	HttpRequest.FormUpload.AddFile method June 8, 2003
* Add Fast Notifications support - 30 times faster than firing events
	(only for COM object)
* Add Notification property
* Add sample that implement new IwodHttpNotify interface
* Updated docs to reflect wodHttpDLX improvements April 4, 2003
* Fix for Progress event sometimes not firing during download March 27, 2003
* Improved checking if remote certificate should be trusted
	or not
* Fix for timeouts
* Fix for file uploads with SSL/TLS
* Add VC samples
* Add ASP samples March 17, 2003
* Fix upload problems for files larger than 50k 
	(or first WSAEWOULDBLOCK error that occurs) March 3, 2003
* Initial Release