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wodFtpDLX ActiveX Component and COM object

3.6.2 January 16, 2024
* Fix for Terrapin attacks (CVE-2023-48795) using strict KEX mode

3.6.1 August 13, 2021
* Support for ssh-ed25519

3.6.0 September 16, 2020
* Binaries now compiled in VS2019
* OpenSSL updated to 1.0.2u
* Support for AES GCM ciphers

3.5.8 July 13, 2020
* New property AscIITranslation that determines type of newline translatio
	in ASCII file transfers

3.5.7 May 20, 2020
* Fix in initial connection freeze that happened with OpenSSH 7.3
	(due to both client and server waiting for specific packet)

3.5.6 April 14, 2020
* Fixes access violation error in FTPS protocol when client authentication 
	certificate was used from windows store (not from the file)

3.5.5 January 15, 2018
* Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2n

3.5.4 February 9, 2017
* Fix when error "Bad server public DH value" is returned for unknown reason

3.5.3 February 4, 2016
* Fix in SFTP protocol authentications. Component failed to authenticate with OpenSSH
	when both password and publickey were required

3.5.2 November 12, 2015
* New properties EncryptionList, HMacList and SSLCipherList

3.5.1 October 21, 2015
* Fix in SFTP protocol that strip leading whitespaces from filenames in DirItems collection

3.5.0 September 17, 2015
* Support for Elliptic curve cryptography
* Key exchange algorithms ecdh-sha2-nistp256,ecdh-sha2-nistp384,ecdh-sha2-nistp521
* Signature algorithm ecdsa-sha2-nistp256,ecdsa-sha2-nistp384,ecdsa-sha2-nistp521

3.4.2 May 26, 2015
* MAC algorithms hmac-sha2-256,hmac-sha2-512

3.4.1 June 20, 2014
* Fix in FTPSimplicit that not assumes data connection is insecure if PROT command failed
* Fin in SFTP KeepAlive which was ignored

3.4.0 November 22, 2013
* Fixed memory leak in GetFiles method

3.3.9 June 7, 2013
* Fixed problem with "version mismatch" in SFTP protocol on valid 2.0 servers

3.3.8 March 14, 2013
* Significant SFTP upload and download speed increase

3.3.7 February 13, 2013
* Username and Password are now sent as UTF8 if UTF8Encoding 
	is specified

3.3.6 October 22, 2012
* Fix in SFTP download of large files from Serv-U server

3.3.5 May 18, 2012
* Fix in SFTP PutFile when resume was set, and remote file
	did not exist, file was uploaded incorrectly

3.3.4 March 14, 2012
* AppendFile method fixed in SFTP protocol

3.3.3 January 9, 2012
* Fix in PutData/GetData to use unicode if server supports it

3.3.2 October 22, 2011
* Fix in Get method that failed to download file without extension 
	when SmartGet was set to FALSE

3.3.1 September 16, 2011
* Fix in Connected event that was not fired if SSL/TLS negotiation failed

3.3.0 June 29, 2011
* Significant SFTP download speed increase

3.2.0 May 8, 2011
* FIPS property added to allow FIPS to be used as external 
	(validated) DLL
* ClientName property added

3.1.2 April 6, 2011
* Fix in SFTP upload when Resume property was set to True

3.1.1 January 5, 2011
* Fix in Rename command that didn't handle UTF8 correctly

3.1.0 December 5, 2010
* New column related properties in GUI version of wodFtpDLX
* New column types in GUI version of wodFtpDLX

3.0.9 November 25, 2010
* Fixed "error trying to write to local file" in GetFiles in ASCII mode

3.0.8 November 8, 2010
* New property UTF8Encoding
* New proxy type ProxyFTPUserAcct

3.0.7 July 20, 2010
* Support for aes128-ctr, aes192-ctr, aes256-ctr encryption algorithms
	in SSH2 protocol

3.0.6 June 15, 2010
* New method AppendFileFrom that appends to remote file starting
	at specified local position
* Fix in MinDataPort/MaxDataPort properties which caused component
	to silently stops working

3.0.5 May 13, 2010
* Fixed problem with some servers that reported very large remote 
	max window size (near 4.7gb unsigned long boundary)

3.0.4 March 16, 2010
* CryptoInformation event now fires correctly
* IPv6 support added

3.0.3 February 12, 2010
* Fixed possible access violation with WS_FTP server in ListDir/ListNames

3.0.2 January 22, 2010
* Distribution now contains x86 and x64 binaries

3.0.1 December 23, 2009
* Fix in FTP(S) protocol download. If all data was received (as
	SIZE command returned file len) wodFtpDLX closed local 
	connection. Some servers didn't like this (such as Filezilla)

3.0.0 November 9, 2009
* Binaries are from now on recompiled in VS 2008
* New method RawReceived to inject response data in wodFtpDLX engine

2.9.7 September 24, 2009
* New method Site and event SiteReply for using SITE command

2.9.6 September 9, 2009
* New property SmartGet, defines "smart" behavior of GetFile

2.9.5 September 3, 2009
* New property SmartPut, defines "smart" behavior of PutFile
	when it comes to determining full name for remote file

2.9.4 August 19, 2009
* RemoteCRC method will now work in SFTP protocol also,
	if remote server has appropriate command installed
	(crc32, md5sum, sha1sum, sha256sum, sha512sum)

2.9.3 August 2, 2009
* New property TransferTime
* New property SecureMethod

2.9.2 June 17, 2009
* Fix in FTPS protocol when data connection closing was not detected
	and timeout was returned on directory listing

2.9.1 May 5, 2009
* Fix in MLSD directory parser

2.9.0 March 31, 2009
* LocalTime calculation fix when remote dates are provided in GMT

2.8.9 February 26, 2009
* Fix in FTP(S) protocol when Done event did not fire with Serv-U server
	after ListDir was called

2.8.8 February 12, 2009
* authSiteCertificate authentication, for Tumbleweed servers
	that require SITE AUTH to be used

2.8.7 January 12, 2009
* Fix in FTP protocol when file remains locked if connection is 
	closed during file transfer

2.8.6 October 6, 2008
* Added support for UTF8 encoded filenames

2.8.5 September 3, 2008
* Fixed an issue with certificate loading on some versions of Windows.

2.8.4 June 30, 2008
* Corrected behavior of CCC command with Globalscape server

2.8.3 May 26, 2008
* Added workaround for misconfigured SFTP servers to try to start 
	SFTP even if SFTP subsystem doesn't exist

2.8.2 April 29, 2008
* fix when wodFtpDLX failed to perform initial connection with the server 
	in SFTP protocol

2.8.1 April 24, 2008
* MaxTransferRate was ignored when FTPS/FTPSimplicit protocol was used.

2.8.0 February 10, 2008
* Fix in LocalCRC and RemoteCRC that returned different result for zero length files
* Support for one-time password SKEY, MD4, MD5, RMD160 and SHA1 authentication added.
* Fix in SFTP protocol when Done event (providing error info during failed upload)
	was fired more than once

2.7.9 January 10, 2008
* ClearCommandChannel (CCC) command is fixed and works correctly with ProFTPD and Serv-U
* Drag&Drop fix when some files were lost during auto upload

2.7.8 November 12, 2007
* New methods GetDate and GetSize

2.7.7 October 20, 2007
* Fixes problem when local disk was full and wodFtpDLX failed to write 
	downloaded file, but didn't report the error

2.7.6 September 23, 2007
* DirItem.UnicodeName property added
* Fix when same instance was used to make new connections, but there were
	some internal variables left from previous connection, caused
	wodFtpDLX to incorrectly parse directory structure

2.7.4 August 12, 2007
* RawSend now will block, if blocking mode is used
* TimeZone property is now used with all date-related functions. Defaults
	to local timezone (conversion from UTC is made in each calculation)
* IBM directory format supported in directory parser
* MLSD and MLST extended commands are used to retrieve better directory
	structure (only when fmtAuto is set)

2.7.3 May 22, 2007
* MenuClick event added to GUI version to detect user-defined context menus
* PasvPort property now defaults to 0 (much more common requirement than 20)

2.7.2 May 17, 2007
* Add SHA256 and SHA512 RemoteCRC and LocalCRC options 

2.7.1 April 6, 2007
* Add KeepAlive property to define if wodFtpDLX will send NOOP commands through control
	connection during transfers to keep it alive for firewalls/routers

2.7.0 February 10, 2007
* Switched to OpenSSL 0.9.7 which is FIPS140-2 certificated. See certificate #733 at

2.6.5 January 25, 2007
* SetAttributes now ALWAYS takes decimal representations for Permission
	argument. Previously it was inconsistent - SFTP protocol needed decimal,
	FTP needed octal. ex: 777 octal now should be set as 511 (dec).

2.6.4 January 6, 2007
* Add MinDataPort and MaxDataPort properties

2.6.3 August 31, 2006
* Data connection now always uses outgoing port 20 for PASV connections
	to prevent local sockets to be exhausted on Windows XP computers

2.6.2 August 15, 2006
* Account property added for ACCT command that is needed for some old servers

2.6.1 July 19, 2006
* Fix in FTP upload when connection fails, and subsequent connection
	uploads wrong file

2.6.0 June 28, 2006
* Fix in ClearCommandChannel method that didn't block when Blocking property 
	was set to True

2.5.9 June 9, 2006
* Fix in Vandyke VShell directory parser
* Fix in key regeneration that occurs usualy after 1GB and causes wodFtpDLX
	to close the connection (only SFTP protocol)

2.5.8 May 18, 2006
* Fix in GUI version that stopped showing folder contents after window parent
	has been changed in your application (for example, when Panel container
	has been changed)

2.5.7 March 27, 2006
* Fix in PutFiles/GetFiles/LoopFiles/DeleteFiles that could "forget" to fire Done
	event if component encountered local error (such as accessing local file)

2.5.6 March 15, 2006
* wodFtpDLX now resolves host in the background. It will not freeze for 2 seconds
	anymore when invalid host name is given (due to Winsock API freezing)

2.5.5 February 6, 2006
* AES128, AES192 and AES256 specific encryptions now can be forced using 
	Encryption property

2.5.4 January 26, 2006
* Fix in ListDir that sometimes shown incorrect number of items with 
	garbled names (due to extended attributes not being handled by wodFtpDLX)

2.5.3 January 9, 2006
* TransferRate property added that shows current (or last) upload/download

2.5.2 November 28, 2005
* Fix in GUI mode that stopped responding if you tried to enter directory
	without sufficient privileges (done event was fired with an error,
	but if you ignored it wodFtpDLX was completely useless after that)

2.5.1 October 1, 2005
* New proxy type ProxyWindows added. When set, wodFtpDLX will use same values
	for proxy as defined in Internet Explorer

2.5.0 September 13, 2005
* Added FileTransferData to allow file contents to be specified from your code
	during file transfer (when LocalPath property is set to "" for
	GetFile and PutFile methods)
* Added GetFileAt, GetFileAt64, PutFileAt and PutFileAt64 methods
	for partial file uploads and downloads

2.4.1 June 14, 2005
* Fix in SFTP protocol when PutFiles (and possibly GetFiles) method could
	freeze after sending first file
* MaxTransferRate property added for controlling maximum 
	download and upload speed

2.4.0 May 6, 2005
* Fix in CWD command that returned error on 200 response
* Added ItemSkip property to help in LoopItem event in programming
	environments that cannot send values back to wodFtpDLX
	(such as Delphi or BCB)

2.3.9 April 14, 2005
* New methods and events are added for setting and getting file/folder
	attributes (GetAttributes, SetAttributes...)

2.3.8 February 19, 2005
* Fix in LoopItems event that could cause crash when Skip was set to True

2.3.7 February 11, 2005
* DirItem.Selected was never set to True for first icon in the GUI list
* If CWD command returns error both times (wodFtpDLX tries to determine
	if RemotePath is a file or a directory) now component will blindly
	try to use specified RemotePath (until now it did report error)
* If remote file had recent date, DirItem.Date was invalid 
	(had shown previous year information instead of current)

2.3.6 January 17, 2005
* SFTP upload speed increase
* Fix when Progress event didn't fire if server reported invalid file size
	prior to download
* Fix in Progress event that was fired instead of Progress64 even 64bit
	values should have been provided to your app

2.3.5 January 10, 2005
* Add DirItem.SizeHi property to handle file sizes larger than 4.7GB
* Fix in FTP(S) protocol uploads when compression was used and uploads
	just stopped, always at the same position

2.3.4 December 29, 2004
* Added CheckDir method to check if remote directory exists
* Fixed freeze problems that happened when ZoneAlarm Suite was installed
* Added small SSH2 bug workaround for F-Secure SSH servers

2.3.3 December 16, 2004
* Fix in FTP(S) protocol when data connection was closed with the error 
	(from remote side) and wodFtpDLX did not detect it - giving
	you success in Done event

2.3.2 November 7, 2004
* Add LocalCRC and RemoteCRC methods for file integrity checks

2.3.1 October 21, 2004
* Fixes FTPSImplicit protocol problems when data connection sometimes failed
	due to timing errors (RETR/LIST/STOR command sent too soon, before
	SSL handshake took place)
* Fixes 'out of stack space' problem that occurred in SFTP protocol when 
	connecting to older OpenSSH servers
* Changed version numbering. Last part of version now removed as build number

---- old version numbering September 28, 2004
* Add FEAT command to avoid WS_FTP server bug with 'MODE Z' command hangup. Now
	wodFtpDLX will not use compression if not announced in FEAT response September 22, 2004
* Internal fix to support Win95
* Fix in SSL protocol when files are corrupted sometimes during upload September 15, 2004
* Fix in FTP(S) protocol when server sent responses in more than one packet, so 
	wodFtpDLX started sending new commands too soon September 8, 2004
* Fix in FTPSwithdata protocol with Serv-U, and compression was >0
* PutData method now supports binary data August 31, 2004
* Improved VShell directory structure parsing
* wodCertificate can now import Putty, Vandyke, SSH.COM and F-Secure private keys August 12, 2004
* Fix in SFTP protocol when error was returned in PutFile
* Fix in SFTP protocol when file was locked after being used, until component
	was destroyed
* Fix in FTP protocol when Resume was set to True, and file transfer failed due
	to SIZE command returning error
* Add CCC (ClearCommandChannel) support
* Add compression support (ZLIB) through MODE Z command July 22, 2004
* Add support for large files > 4.2gb
* Add Progress64 event
* Crypt32.dll is now dynamically loaded at runtime, so component works even
	on older Win98 systems where crypt32.dll is not available
	(except no certificates can be used from windows registry) July 8, 2004
* Fix in DirItems property that wasn't cleared between ListDir calls at
	some occasions (duplicated items were returned) June 26, 2004
* Fix in SFTP protocol when ASCII upload was performed and crash occured
	during transfer May 27, 2004
* Fix in file transferring problem that could lead to 10060 (timeout)
	error after file transfer, even file was transferred successfully May 20, 2004
* Add Compression (SFTP protocol only) and BufferSize properties
* Fix in file download which could cause zero-sized files to be created
	localy when small files have been transfered
* Fix in GetFiles which failed to copy subdirectories when no files
	existed in parent directory (failed to create structure) April 23, 2004
* Add AppendFile and AppendData methods for appending to remote files
* Fix in FTP/FTPS protocols when component locked up while 
	initiating transfer April 16, 2004
* Improved Resume support in FTP/FTPS protocols. Now REST command is
	sent immediately before STOR/RETR
* Fix in timers. You should not get timeout errors anymore without
	obvious reason
* Behavior change. In SSL/TLS protocol, PBSZ and PROT commands are now
	sent twice - first time before USER command, and second time
	after PASS command, so more SSL/TLS server implementations
	are satisfied March 25, 2004
* Fix problems with PureFTPD which caused wodFtpDLX to silently
	stop file upload/download January 31, 2004
* Add methods for recursive file copying - GetFiles, PutFiles,
	DeleteFiles, LoopFiles and events needed to support
	them (LoopItem and LoopError)
* wodCertificate can now load certificates and keys from PKCS12 PFX files January 19, 2004
* Fix in FTP protocol when more than one instance was used at the
	same time, and closing data connection on one instance
	caused all other instances to stop as well January 13, 2004
* Fix in DirItem.ModificationTime that may report invalid year in
	FTP protocol
* Fix for freezing in Blocking mode when Disconnect was called with
	WaitLogoff argument set to True November 11, 2003
* Fix in SFTP protocol that caused GPF when connecting to some
	SSH servers
* Fix in Connect method that could cause errors on subsequent connections
	after first attempt to connect failed October 31, 2003
* Fix in proxy settings and data connected. If error occurs, now
	component reports it immediately October 29, 2003
* Add Item.Visible, Item.Selected properties and 
	Items.SelectedAll method
* Fix in receiving response - large server responses were not
	handled correctly by the component
* Fix in STOR/RETR/LIST commands when arguments were different
	regarding if passive or nonpassive mode was used October 17, 2003
* DirItems collection now supports enumerations 
	through ForEach statement in VB
* Minor helpfile fixes October 10, 2003
* Fix in GUI version where Click event did not fire
* Fix when connecting to F-Secure 2.1.0 dss and crash occured October 8, 2003
* FTPSimplicit does not require Passive to be False, although
	some servers may not like it to be set to True
* Improved SSL handshake initialization speed October 1, 2003
* Add ListParams property that defines if any arguments
	are sent with LIST command September 24, 2003
* Add support for UNC paths September 1, 2003
* Behavior change in FTPSimplicit mode. Data connection is encrypted
	only if server replied to 'PROT P' with positive reply August 30, 2003
* Fix for invalid TYPE response received from the server
* Fix for uploading files using Passive = False August 13, 2003
* Fix in RawSend method that now clears incoming buffer so 
	no leftovers are shown in FTPReply event
* Fix with some SSL servers that return invalid AUTH response
	thus causing wodFtpDLX failed to open secondary connection
* Fix when Connect was issued again after Disconnection but
	'invalid at this time' error was fired as a result July 26, 2003
* Improved upload speed for FTP protocol
* Fix in wodCertificate.PublicKeySSH property where RSA
	key produced invalid public key information July 24, 2003
* Fix of crash in FTPSwithdata protocol that was caused by 
	Encryption property July 20, 2003
* Add Encryption property for use with FTPS and SFTP protocols. July 14, 2003
* Fix in SFTP ListItems event, when there were many files in the folder. July 7, 2003
* Fix in PutFile when server replied with '425 Cannot build data
	connection' for no obvious reasons. It was a timing issue. June 23, 2003
* Add StrictHost property
* Fix in FTP protocol when file transfers were few kilobytes short June 11, 2003
* Due to problems with MaxTransferRate property,
	it had to be removed. We are sorry for any incovenience
	caused by below 2 versions. Stability for these versions
	was questionable. June 8, 2003  -- INVALID VERSION, PLEASE UPDATE!
* Add Fast Notifications support - 30 times faster than firing events
	(only for COM object)
* Add Notification property
* Add sample that implement new IwodFtpNotify interface
* Updated docs to reflect wodFtpDLX improvements June 5, 2003 -- INVALID VERSION, PLEASE UPDATE!
* Add MaxTransferRate property that determine maximum
	bytes-per-second rate for all transfers May 10, 2003
* Fix in FTP protocol ASCII transfers which caused garbage
	characters to show up in destination file May 5, 2003
* Add Proxy support (SOCKS and FTP Proxy)
* Fix for dates in ListDir method which were shown invalid
	when received from the server

--------- Version 2 ---------------------------------------- April 19, 2003
* Fix during connection phase, when error is returned on 
	inital PWD commponent was disconnecting
* Fix for data socket that was not released properly,
	so system went out of buffer after many
	uploads in same session April 14, 2003
* Add PASV support for FTPSimplicit protocol April 4, 2003
* Fix for GPF that occured when large welcome message 
	was received March 27, 2003
* Fix in ASCII mode data transfer, when conversion was made,
	byte TYPE I was sent to the server anyway
* Improved checking if remote certificate should be trusted
	or not March 23, 2003
* Small fix in Disconnect method and SFTP protocol, GPF
	occured if WaitLogoff was set to True March 16, 2003
* Fix for file locking problems when file transfer does not 
	finish successfully February 19, 2003
* On customer's request, wodFtpDLX does not internally call 
	CWD command if RemotePath does not contain / or \ chars
	when doing file transfers February 16, 2003
* Add FTPSimplicit protocol (SSL on port 990)
* Fix for authentication problems with the certificate February 9, 2003
* Fix for GPF in GUI mode when new events are fired
* Fix for connection to GlobalScape and SSL protocol February 5, 2003
* Fix for active FTP transfer that causes problems during upload
	(multiple SIZE and CWD messages)
* Fix for empty command being send in FTP protocol January 28, 2003
* Add support for 'DoEvents' calls from within wodFtpDLX
	events January 2, 2002
* Add RawSend method
* Add PreTranslateCommand and PreTranslateReply events December 16, 2002
* Fix problem when sending file with FTP protocol,
	and contents of remote file is garbled December 13, 2002
* Add FTPReply event December 6, 2002
* Fix for GetFile if invalid folder was specified
* Fix for SFTP rename that had arguments replaced
* Fix when downloading empty files with FTP
* Fix for FTPSwithdata protocol and sending files December 2, 2002
* Fix component lockup in scripting environment December 1, 2002
* Add Abort method
* Fix component lockup after file transfer,happened
	only with few servers
* Fix when events were raised and program stopped at
	that time, crash could occur
* Add errors 40000-49999 for FTP specific replies November 21, 2002
* Add LastError property
* Add ErrorText property
* Minor changes in GUI part of wodFtpDLX November 8, 2002
* Fix for blocking mode problems in Connect method
* Fix for hangup in ListDir with MS FTP servers
* Add one sample for ActiveX control November 3, 2002
* Add 'Refresh' method for wodFtpDLX GUI
* Fix for Properties event that was not fired October 30, 2002
* Click event now also contains reference to Item that was clicked
* Accessing DirItems is now forbidden from inside ListItems event
* Fix for DirFormat property that wasn't stored in property bag October 28, 2002
* Initial release